PHOTOS: Haverhill Police Conduct Active Shooter Training Drills

Haverhill Police active shooter training. (Courtesy photograph)

The Haverhill Police Department, under the direction of Capt. Michael Wrenn and firearms instructor Sgt. Nicholas Brown, received active shooter training this spring at Haverhill High School in an effort to sharpen skills in the event of a mass casualty situation, Brown tells WHAV.

The training is one of two sessions held annually to keep all of the department’s officers up to date on firearms handling. Such training is a focus for Chief Alan R. DeNaro.

“It helps convey to the community that this is stuff that we’re working on and preparing for—not that there’s been there’s threats of any kind—but it’s been shown that this can happen anywhere,” Brown said.

Future active shooter trainings are being planned to include Haverhill’s fire department and EMS personnel to better coordinate city agency response times, Brown told WHAV.

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