Massport May Change the Way Ride Share Companies Flow Through Logan Airport

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Massachusetts Port Authority officials are weighing a plan that would significantly change the flow of rideshare vehicles to and from Logan International Airport and would implement higher fees on the services, a combination of moves they say will reduce congestion and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the State House News Service, the proposal would funnel all trips on rides-for-hire apps such as Uber and Lyft into the ground floor of the airport’s central garage for both inbound and outbound trips. Currently, vehicles can drop passengers off at the curb in front of terminals and pick up new rides in a shared parking lot. However, Massport officials say moving everything into one location would improve the flow of traffic, cut down on empty-car trips, and make it easier for drivers to find their next customers after completing a ride.

Fees for service may also increase as a result, with arrival and departure fees for airport rides possibly jumping from $3.25 to $5 for single riders and $2.50 for shared rides.

Officials said the changes would help reduce congestion around the airport, which continues to see steady growth in usage as airlines expand.

“The growing congestion at Logan is significantly impacting our passengers and our surrounding communities. The bottom line is we need more people to get to and from the airport in fewer vehicles, and we think we can do that with these new strategies. This plan is better for our customers, better for the community and better for the environment,” Massport’s CEO John Pranckevicius said.

A vote on the proposed changes is set for late April.

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