Tilton Teacher Guertin Prepares to Release Second Children’s Book

Annemarie Guertin's second book, "Why the Evergreens Keep Their Leaves" is released in September by Familius Publishing. (Courtesy photograph/Familius)

Tilton Tigers, get ready for another storytime session with teacher Annemarie Guertin: The first-grade educator tells WHAV her second children’s book, “Why the Evergreens Keep Their Leaves” hits stores on Sept. 1.

Haverhill author and Tilton first grade teacher Annemarie Guertin. (Courtesy photograph)

Centered around the themes of kindness, compassion and helping others, Guertin’s folktale follows her debut release “How the Finch Got His Colors” that hit stores last year. As WHAV previously reported, Guertin snagged a second book deal—and an agent!—two months after her debut hit store shelves. Familius Publishing is again backing Guertin’s work.

“I feel very blessed that the literary community appreciates my work and that they recognize the need for this genre in the marketplace,” Guertin tells WHAV. “Folktales are a great way to teach lessons to children in a way that isn’t preachy. I’ve enjoyed bringing these forgotten tales to life.”

Guertin told WHAV she was inspired to craft her mass-market folktales in an effort to satisfy a need for classroom-friendly material.

The new story is based on Florence Holbrook’s 1902 classic “Why the Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves in Winter,” Guertin said.

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