DiZoglio Gives State House Tour to CREST Students

State Sen. Diana DiZoglio (WHAV News file photograph.)

Some Methuen students were recently given a tour of the State House as well as an up-close glimpse of how the legislative process works.

Students from the Methuen-based Collaborative for Regional Education Services and Training—known as CREST—took part in a State House tour that was sponsored by state Sen. Diana DiZoglio.

In addition to the tour, the students from grades 6, 7 and 8 got to have lunch with DiZoglio.

“It was an honor to host these students—our next generation of leaders—for a visit to the State House and encourage them to become actively involved in the democratic process early on in their lives,” DiZoglio said in a press release.

CREST assists students and adults with various physical and developmental disabilities. The organization’s goal is to help those with disabilities succeed in a “safe and supportive learning environment and within the greater community.”

Peter Silverman, a special education teacher at CREST who chaperoned the trip, said in a statement, “For each of these students, it was their first time visiting the State House and they were just in awe of the building. We’ve been studying the three branches of government and how bills become laws. To share the pageantry of this building with them is special.”

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