Wadleigh Foundation Awards Ruth’s House $25,500 Grant to Support Clothing Programs

(File photograph.)

Ruth’s House, the Lafayette Square clothing and housewares shop, was recently awarded a $25,500 grant from the George C. Wadleigh Foundation of Haverhill.

The Wadleigh grant supports Ruth’s House Client Clothing Program, Child Pajama Program, Sock and Underwear Program, Bra Program and other efforts. Across Massachusetts, the nonprofit said, families account for 35 percent of those facing homelessness. Nearly one-fifth of all people experiencing homelessness were children under age.

“In 2018, Ruth’s House provided 11,157 articles of clothing to the local indigent population,” said Barbara Donegan, Ruth’s House board president.

Ruth’s House was founded in 1992. It sells donated clothing and houseware items at its Thrift Shop to support its mission. Ruth’s House relies on community-donated items to sell in the Thrift Shop.

Under the Client Clothing Program seniors are eligible for a $50 clothing voucher, four times a year, which they can use to purchase boots and shoes and any clothing. Vouchers are also provided for low-income grandparents and children in their care. Ruth’s House also donates pajamas to more than 200 children in the Merrimack Valley.

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