Rep. Campbell Pushing for Public Transit Overhaul: ‘We Need a Game Changer’

(File photograph courtesy of MBTA.)

Haverhill’s legislative delegation has commuters’ backs ahead of a possible six percent MBTA fare hike. Among those on Beacon Hill arguing for residents is state Rep. Linda Dean Campbell, who spoke out about the potential price increase on the March 4 episode of WHAV’s Open Mic Show.

As Campbell said Monday, many of the very same people the area hopes to attract are being priced out.

“In Massachusetts, we need to continue to keep these folks here,” Campbell said. “When they add up the traffic, the cost of getting somewhere, the cost of living—these issues just keep piling up on each other and it hurts our economy.”

In addition to supporting more affordable ticket prices, Campbell also vows to make commuter comfort a priority. Over the last several months, the legislator said she has been inspired by the tenacity of neighbors near the Bradford MBTA station who argue idling trains and fumes impact their health and quality of life.

Campbell applauded the efforts of her local counterparts on the Haverhill City Council, including Councilors Bill Macek and Melinda E. Barrett, for keeping the conversation going. Campbell isn’t going down without a fight, she told Open Mic Show listeners.

“I’m not giving up!” she vowed.

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