Trahan Vows to Prioritize Teacher Pay, Collective Bargaining Rights on Capitol Hill

Lori Trahan reads to children. (Courtesy file photograph)

On the heels of teachers in states like Arizona, West Virginia and Oklahoma calling for higher wages, Merrimack Valley legislator Lori Trahan wants area educators to know she has their back on Capitol Hill.

In a new message from Washington, D.C., the Lowell-bred Democrat vows to prioritize pay increases for teachers and more autonomy during the collective bargaining process.

“The way we compensate our educators directly reflects our investment in our kids—our future. Every child regardless of his or her background should have access to a quality public education. We create educational opportunities for our children by providing schools and teachers with every tool and resource that students in the 21st century need to succeed,” Trahan said in an email to constituents this week.

Appointed to the House Committee on Education and Labor last month, Trahan has already filed a bipartisan bill aimed at easing the burden of student loan debt, along with paid leave legislation to help working parents.

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