Haverhill Deputy Police Chief Haugh Signs 3-Year Contract Extension; DeNaro’s Renewal is Next

Deputy Police Chief Anthony Haugh before the City Council in 2016. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Haverhill Deputy Police Chief Anthony Haugh will remain in his post for at least another three years after recently negotiating a new contract.

Haugh, who was first sworn in as deputy chief by Mayor James J. Fiorentini in November 2015, said he hopes to remain on the job for years to come.

“I’ve been here 31 years,” he told WHAV. “It has been an honor to serve the city—especially in the capacity I currently hold as deputy chief. I hope to have many more contracts with the city.”

Haugh’s salary also increases from $132,000 to almost $159,000, according to city records. Previously, the job was covered under the state’s civil service system. As of 2015, however, the post was removed from civil service protections by a home rule petition approved by the state legislature.

Fiorentini said Haugh’s key role tackling several high-profile problems won the mayor’s confidence. “He has taken an active lead with the gang problem,” the mayor told WHAV, adding “Deputy Haugh has done an outstanding job. He’s always there whenever I call, day or night.”

Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro, who is also negotiating his own contract extension, said he needed Haugh to stay where he is. “I’m 100 percent confident that we would not be an agency as successful as we are without his leadership.”

Both DeNaro and Fiorentini confirmed the chief’s contract renewal is being discussed. DeNaro said he expects talks to be concluded by the time his contract expires at the end of October. DeNaro has served as chief since 2002 and earns about $190,000 a year plus $8,000 to serve as the city’s emergency management director.

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