Fiorentini Appoints Carter to Replace Coco on Haverhill License Commission

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

Amy Carter and Mayor Fiorentini (Courtesy photograph)

Amy Carter the first-ever female member of the Haverhill License Commission. (File photograph)

Haverhill has named the city’s first-ever female member of the License Commission, with Amy Carter’s appointment made official this week.

A private investigator living in Haverhill, Carter represents Mayor James J. Fiorentini’s effort to diversify community boards and groups, he said at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

“Haverhill’s changing, and I’ve made a real effort over the past year to put on new people different boards and give new people an opportunity to serve and represent the changing faces of Haverhill,” Fiorentini said.

Carter’s two-year term begins immediately. She replaces WHAV President and General Manager Tim Coco, who stepped down from the board following a six-year stint as a commissioner alongside Gerald A. Sewell and Joseph C. Edwards.

Other residents named to city committees include John Buzzell, who joins Haverhill’s Cultural Council, and Michelle Collins, a newcomer to Haverhill who steps up to chair the bike committee in an effort to bring a bicycle sharing program to the city.