Cable TV Advisory Committee to Continue Contract Negotiations with Comcast

Haverhill is continuing its business relationship with Comcast, but Mayor James J. Fiorentini hopes to attract other cable providers to the city instead. (File photograph.)

Comcast is set to continue contract negotiations with the Haverhill Cable TV Advisory Committee tonight.

Taking place at Haverhill City Hall on 4 Summer St. in Room 301 at 6 p.m., the continued discussions are in anticipation of Haverhill’s contract expiring this April.

According to William Gould, chairman of the committee, he and other committee members will speak with Comcast representatives about the location of Comcast’s offices in Haverhill, the amount of funding the company gives towards public access and educational channels in the city and internet connection between city offices.

Mayor James J. Fiorentini has been working together with the committee to encourage other cable companies like Verizon and RCN to provide city residents with other options. During the Nov. 13 City Council meeting, the mayor spoke about efforts to invite more companies to Haverhill, saying “Our rates are going up all the time and our service is going down. We’re going to try one more time to get some competition.”

Gould told WHAV he has no qualms with Comcast’s services, but also sees nothing wrong with other companies taking bids in Haverhill, saying “I think competition is always better.”

Despite the contract with Comcast, both Fiorentini and Gould want to remind residents the contract is non-exclusive, meaning other companies are permitted to work with the city alongside Comcast.