Salvation Army in Need of Holiday Gifts for Haverhill Kids: Here’s How to Donate

Haverhill’s Walter and Lynnann Rivers are out to make sure no city child goes without a gift under the tree this Christmas. The couple—both majors at the Salvation Army—are hard at work on the 2018 “Angel Tree” program, and Walter Rivers joined WHAV’s Open Mic Show Monday night to share how area residents can lend a hand this holiday.

Rivers told WHAV’s Bill Macek and Bill Ellis the couple plans to set up a tree at the Plaistow, N.H. Wal-Mart store, with patrons able to take gift tags from the tree that specify gift requests from area children. Those gifts—and others of donors’ choosing—are gratefully accepted at the Salvation Army’s Main Street office in Haverhill.

As the outreach worker explains, families in need often have to decide whether to pay rent or purchase groceries instead of grabbing gifts for loved ones.

“There are so many folks who are trying to just trying to keep their head above water and they need organizations like the Salvation Army to help sustain them from day to day,” Rivers said. “Families have so many needs: They have to decide between major things like food, or putting gas in the car.”

To help the Salvation Army collect 350 toys for local children, visit the Plaistow Wal-Mart starting later this week. The group also invites volunteers to ring kettle bells at Market Basket locations in Haverhill on Saturdays through December. More information is available by calling Rivers at 978-420-4192.