WHAV Asks Butterball’s Turkey Talk Line How to Microwave a Turkey

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

Bill Macek and Bill Ellis asked Butterball how to microwave a turkey during the Nov. 19 Open Mic Show on WHAV. (File photograph)

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and ahead of the holiday that’s all about food and family, WHAV’s Open Mic Show hosts Bill Macek and Bill Ellis couldn’t help but talk turkey on their Monday night broadcast.

Joining them for the holiday show this week was none other than Butterball Turkey Talk Line expert Beth Somers, who played along as Macek and Ellis asked the question that’s been plaguing social media users this season: Just how do you microwave a turkey?

“Here at Butterball, our big focus is helping people host Thanksgiving like a boss. We want to give people confidence that they’re going to have a great Thanksgiving if they’re hosting and take some of that pressure off,” Somers said.

This year there are several ways home cooks can get last-minute turkey tips from Butterball. The talk line is available at 800-288-8372 or online at Butterball.com. Alexa users may also ask the Amazon-friendly device for holiday meal prep tips from.

As for that all-important “mow to microwave a turkey” question—Somers told WHAV it isn’t totally impossible for determined home cooks. For just how to do it, listen to the “Open Mic” segment below.