Macek Likens Vargas to Dempsey After Election Victory: ‘On Track to Do Multiple Terms’

Rep. Andy Vargas chatted with Lori Trahan during a Haverhill Democratic City Committee candidate dinner on May 7, 2018. (Jay Saulnier photograph for WHAV News.)

State Rep. Andy Vargas (with Congresswoman-elect Lori Trahan) has staying power similar to that of Brian S. Dempsey, said Haverhill City Councilor William J. Macek. (Jay Saulnier file photograph for WHAV News)

As Andy Vargas prepares to finish out his first full-term as Haverhill’s 3rd district representative, his political colleagues predict there will be many more terms in store for the freshman policymaker.

During WHAV’s Tuesday night election coverage, Open Mic Show host and Haverhill City Councilor Bill Macek applauded Vargas, a former councilor, for a well-run campaign that prioritized possibility.

“You’re a forward-thinker and you’re not just doing things hum-drum, because ‘This is what we’ve always done.’ You get involved and you tackle things that are really forward-thinking and in the future, not just for your district but for the state,” Macek told Vargas when the lawmaker called in from his victory party at Haverhill’s Maria’s Restaurant.

Facing an uphill battle in the wake of last year’s special election to succeed House heavyweight Brian S. Dempsey, Vargas has proven his worth on Beacon Hill, said Macek. Passing key legislation around education and substance abuse, Vargas told WHAV he’ll next prioritize Haverhill’s housing crisis.

“Andy’s a very likable guy. I’m sure he’s making friends and earning respect and that will carry him and be able to deliver,” Macek told election night co-host Marc Lemay. “When you think back to Frank Emilio, Brian Dempsey—the people who’ve held that seat—they’re there for an average of 20 years. We’ll see what happens with Andy, but he’s already on track to do multiple terms.”

As WHAV previously reported, Vargas easily won re-election to his first full-term, running unopposed. All told, he garnered 10,597 votes, according to unofficial results recorded by City Clerk Linda L. Koutoulas.