Trahan Defeats Green to Replace 3rd Congressional District’s Tsongas

Lori Trahan addressed supporters in Lowell during her Nov. 6, 2018 victory party. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Lori Trahan addressed supporters in Lowell during her Nov. 6 victory party. (Alex Guittarr photograph for WHAV News)

Democrat Lori Trahan successfully defeated Republican Rick Green in Tuesday’s 3rd congressional district state election, calling her victory a victory for all women in the Commonwealth as she prepares to assume the seat vacated by retiring Niki Tsongas.

Following Green’s call to concede Tuesday, Trahan spoke to hundreds of supporters gathered at the UMass Lowell Inn, with Tsongas and former boss Marty Meehan offering congratulatory remarks.

“Tonight, in the first time in the Commonwealth’s history, a Massachusetts congressional district—our district—has elected two women in a row to the United States House of Representatives. Lori brings real and valuable experience that’ll help her hit the ground running as a champion and a partner to help each of our 37 communities,” Tsongas said.

Taking the stage alongside her husband Dave and their children, Trahan called her win a victory for “women and for the values of hard work and commitment that have defined us.”

“Growing up in Lowell, I learned about grit and perseverance, about hard work and hope. Those are the values that I’m going to bring to Washington,” she said. “I think about this moment in very simple terms: It is the great privilege of my life to receive your votes. I will fight for you, your families and your futures every single day.”