Bradford’s Newest Dunkin’ Opening in Mid-December

Demolition of the former Saturn dealership on Bradford's Route 125 took place in August to make way for the city's newest Dunkin' Donuts location. (Frank Komola photograph for WHAV News)

Demolition of the former Saturn dealership on Bradford’s Route 125 took place in August to make way for the city’s newest Dunkin’ Donuts location. (Frank Komola photograph for WHAV News)

The opening of two new food chain locations and a bar incident were points of discussion during the Haverhill License Commission meeting on Thursday night.

Rabi Danab, the general manager for a new Chipotle restaurant set to open on 85 Plaistow Road, came to the commission seeking an entertainment license, common victualler license, and alcohol license. Danab says he has strong experience with serving liquor after working for an Applebee’s restaurant, but the commission still warned him about having no tolerance for serving alcohol to minors. Danab was granted his licenses and says the restaurant is scheduled to open Dec. 11.

Katia Parsons, a district manager for Dunkin’ Donuts, sought out entertainment and common victualler licenses for a new restaurant to open on 915 South Main St. This restaurant is notable for being one of the first to adopt the new Dunkin’ Donuts name, Dunkin’. Her licenses were granted and the new location is set to open around the second week of December.

Margaret and Michael Conneely, managers of the The Peddler’s Daughter Irish pub on 45 Wingate St., discussed a large fight that occurred at their establishment around midnight on Sept. 30. Haverhill Police Sgt. John Spero said that multiple patrons entered the pub and had one drink, but were cut off and asked to leave due to their behavior and prior intoxication.  After stepping outside, the group became violent, causing police to arrive. Michael said that a doorman is supposed to check the sobriety of those entering the pub and that they have not had any sort of incident in the 20 years the pub has been open. Commissioner Gerald Sewell and Commission Chair Joseph Edwards said the pub needed better crowd control and the doorman should have paid better attention. The Peddler’s Daughter is now under the Commission’s probationary watch for the next 60 days as a consequence of the incident.

A discussion of an arrest at the New Lantern Café for open and gross lewdness on Friday, Aug. 31, was moved to the Commission’s Dec. 6 meeting.