Veterans Alliance of Greater Haverhill Hosting Fundraiser Breakfast

(File photograph)

(File Photograph)

A local veterans assistance group is looking to drum up support of its upcoming fundraiser breakfast.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, former Council Chair Michael Hart announced the Veterans Alliance of Greater Haverhill will be hosting a pre-election breakfast fundraiser at Amvests Post 147 on Nov. 4th. The group provides many different services to veterans in Haverhill, while also donating to causes such as the Korean War Memorial Maintenance Fund and Disabled Veterans Chapter 20.

“With some restrictions coming to the way veterans’ groups raise money, that perhaps if we raise money in a different way, we could supplement these groups and make up for the shortfalls that they may have had,” Hart said.

According to another member of the Veterans Alliance, Maureen Menzie, entry is $5 per person, but seniors and veterans do eat free. Menzie, who is also a mother of three veterans, mentioned that one of her groups’ objectives right now is seeking out sponsors.  During the event, a wooden American flag will be assembled, with the names of sponsors placed on the stars and stripes of the flag. Being placed on a stripe will cost $1000, while being placed on a star will cost $250. Sponsors are also free to donate any amount of money they see fit.

“It does so much good, but in order to continue to do well, we need sponsorships and we need your help. We need your attendance at the breakfast,” said Menzie.

The event will run from 9 A.M. until 11 A.M. at 576 Primrose Street. For information on how to donate, call 978-372-4440.