Paramedic Miller of Haverhill Receives ‘ALS Provider of the Year’ Award

Steven Miller of Haverhill is surrounded by, from left to right, his wife Darlene Miller, daughter Lydia, sister-in-law Barbara Rowley and, seated, mother-in-law Barbara Ann. (Courtesy photograph.)

Steven Miller, a longtime paramedic with Trinity EMS, was recently named “ALS Provider of the Year” by NorthEast Emergency Medical Services Region III.

Miller, of Haverhill, received the Advanced Life Support honors last week at the nonprofit’s annual dinner at Haverhill Country Club. Trinity President John Chemaly saluted Miller.

“Trinity is so proud and honored to have such wonderfully talented people working with and for our organization,” Chemaly said. He added, “Each and every day they our employees get thrown into difficult situations, all the while they are pleasant, working hard and delivering five-star patient care.”

Miller, was nominated by a group of emergency room nurses from Holy Family Hospital. He was surrounded by family and friends when receiving the award.

NorthEast Emergency Medical Services has been responsible for the coordination of the emergency medical services system for the 49 cities and towns northeast of Boston since the fall of 1990.