Oldham Appointed Groveland Town Planner

Groveland Town Hall. (File photograph.)

Rebecca Oldham was appointed Groveland Town Planner, Finance and Personnel Director Denise Dembkowski said this week. (File photograph)

There’s a new face over at Groveland’s Town Hall: Newly appointed town planner Rebecca Oldham. Coming to the town from Methuen, Oldham steps into the brand-new full-time role to oversee and direct the town’s “land use, conservation efforts and activities to advance the economic well-being of the town,” according to a press release issued on behalf of Finance and Personnel Director Denise Dembkowski.

Rebecca Oldham

In her prior role as Methuen’s senior planner, Oldham—who holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s in public administration, state and local government from Suffolk—pitched in with the city’s rail trail construction, among other efforts. She also secured a Green Communities designation, and helped shepherd the implementation of Methuen’s Complete Streets program.

“We’re extremely excited that this much-needed position came to fruition and that Rebecca will collaborate with the town’s Planning Board and Board of Selectmen to further expand on opportunities for development in town,” Dembkoski said. “Her experience will be greatly beneficial to Groveland and the residents we serve.”

Oldham’s office in the Planning/Conservation department of Town Hall.