Dunkin’ Donuts to Replace Abandoned Saturn Car Dealership in Bradford

Demolition of the former Saturn dealership on Bradford's Route 125 took place in August to make way for the city's newest Dunkin' Donuts location. (Frank Komola photograph for WHAV News)

The former Saturn dealership falls during demolition Tuesday. (Frank Komola photograph for WHAV News.)

Gus Scrivanos and family already own six shops in Haverhill and Bradford. (Courtesy photograph.)

The city is gearing up for its 10th Dunkin’ Donuts shop—and third in Bradford—as the former Saturn automobile dealership on South Main Street is demolished.

Gus Scrivanos and family, which already owns six shops in Haverhill and Bradford and more than 120 shops in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, is the Dunkin’ Brands Group franchisee. Inspectional Services Director Richard MacDonald told WHAV Tuesday the new store is moving through the building permit process.

The former Saturn dealership demolition was largely complete Tuesday. Saturn, an arm of General Motors until the Great Recession, was shuttered in 2009 when negotiations between the bankrupt automaker and Penske Automotive Group fell through.

The new Dunkin’ Donuts shop will be constructed at 915 S. Main St., near the entrance to the Ward Hill Connector. It will join other Scrivanos’ owned stores at 215 Winter St., 614 Broadway, 259 Lincoln Ave. and 755 Main St., in Haverhill proper, and 725 S. Main St., and 15 S., Main St., in the Bradford section. Other Haverhill stores are owned by another franchisee.