Haverhill Chamber Hails Covanta as Addressing ‘Incredibly Complex Global Issues’

Chamber President and CEO Dougan Sherwood and Covanta Business Manager Mark Van Weelden. (Courtesy photograph.)

Covanta Haverhill, the Ward Hill energy from waste plant, has been named the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce’s business of the month.

A recent tour of the plant by Chamber officials was deemed eye-opening to the Chamber’s new chief.

“Covanta provides an important service to our community, no question,” said Chamber President and CEO Dougan Sherwood. “These folks operate a state-of-the-art facility that produces a tremendous amount of energy.”

Sherwood and Hillary Rogers, the chamber’s marketing and social media coordinator, met with Covanta Business Manager Mark Van Weelden, who recently joined the Chamber’s board. Sherwood added, “But as important to me was spending time with Mark and understanding their commitment to doing things the right way. They are world class operators but they are also innovators, looking for more efficient ways to address incredibly complex global issues.”

While Van Weelden said he appreciates the recognition, he saved his comments to praise Sherwood. “I am excited about our new Chamber CEO, Mr. Sherwood. We are lucky to have him and to have such a dedicated staff behind him.  Haverhill is poised to do even more great things for our businesses and our community in the future.”