Haverhill Mom Asks for Help Finding 17-Year-Old Son Missing A Month

Photographs of David Trongeau released in 2018 when he was reported missing.

David Trongeau, as he appears in social media posts provided by his mother. (Courtesy photographs.)

A Haverhill mom is reaching out for help in finding her 17-year-old son who disappeared a month ago.

Elizabeth Hamel told WHAV her son, David Trongeau, was last seen in Manchester, N.H., where his girlfriend lives. Up until last month, the former Consentino, Nettle and St. James student had been in a state Department of Youth Services program in Methuen, but ran away when he was brought to an area YMCA. He was supposed to be in the program until September after getting into trouble—“little stuff mostly,” she explained..

Hamel asked WHAV to pass along a personal appeal to her son.

“Call me. I need to know he’s okay. I love him. I know he thinks I don’t, but I can’t breathe not knowing if he’s ok,” she said. The family, including his father, David Trongeau; sister Adrianna; and grandmother are lifelong Haverhill residents.

She described her son as standing five feet, four inches tall, weighing about 130 to 150 pounds and having blonde hair and blue eyes. He also has a tattoo.

She asked anyone with any information—no matter how small it might be—to call Haverhill Police at 978-373-1212 or Jacqueline Gomez at the Department of Youth Services. Hamel said a bulletin has been issued in all 50 states. Haverhill Police accepts anonymous tips.