AG Recovers $170K in Wages From Methuen Paver Who Failed to Pay Overtime

(File photograph.)

Methuen-based EJ Paving was fined more than $170,000 for failing to pay overtime to workers. (File photograph)

Attorney General Maura Healey’s office said Friday that it has recovered more than $170,000 in wage restitution and penalties from a Methuen paving company that violated the Massachusetts overtime law related to work performed on public projects across the state.

EJ Paving and the company’s president, Thomas Evangelista, have been under the investigation after an employee filed a complaint alleging he was not paid overtime for hours worked in excess of 40.

“State prevailing wage laws ensure that companies working on public works projects do not cut corners to gain an unfair competitive edge,” Healey said. “This company cheated its workers out of overtime pay and with this action by my office, will now pay them what they are owed.”

EJ Paving did pay overtime—but only after employees had worked more than 45 weekly hours, Healey’s office said. The company was also faulted for failing to properly record the difference in hourly rates of pay between overtime for public projects versus private ones.

The Methuen company was cited a total of $172,554, Healey’s office said.