Methuen Police Seize 17 Guns After SWAT Standoff With Man Barricaded in Attic

Authorities in Methuen recovered 17 firearms following a SWAT standoff with a man barricade in an attic on College Lane. (Courtesy photograph)

Editor’s note: Some members of 97.9 WHAV FM’s audience—on-air and online—this morning expressed concern about some of the terms used in this story. The words “firearms” (plural) and “barricaded” came from an official Methuen Police statement. Further, Methuen Police specifically called out a “bolt-action 7.62×54mm rifle.” While police also referenced “airsoft guns or replicas,” it did not detail what, if any, risk those “guns” posed. While there are many  kinds of guns (squirt gun, BB gun, rifle, etc.), WHAV—perhaps naïvely—oversimplified its summary of the collection. There was no intent to mislead or foster any particular political point of view.

A Methuen police and SWAT team led by Chief Joseph Solomon Wednesday seized 17 guns after a lengthy standoff with a man who robbed a Seabrook, N.H. convenience store and evaded capture by barricading himself in his attic.

Authorities descended on 11 College Lane in Methuen to execute a warrant for a 38-year-old man wanted for the overnight breaking and entering incident. When police entered the home, the man fled into the attic. Out of an abundance of caution, nearby homes were evacuated and a SWAT team called in to secure the area.

The man was arrested after police found him hiding inside an end table in the attic.

A search of the home resulted in the seizure of 17 firearms—mostly airsoft guns or replicas—and merchandise believed to be stolen.

“I am extremely thankful that this incident was resolved quick and peacefully without any injuries to law enforcement or the suspect,” Solomon said.

Held without bail on three outstanding warrants and a fugitive from justice warrant, the man faces arraignment in Lawrence District Court Thursday.