‘No Presence of Danger’ at Haverhill High After Student Makes Alleged Threat

Haverhill High School. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Haverhill High officials were alerted to an alleged threat made by a student, ramping up police presence at the school Thursday. (File photograph)

Students and staff at Haverhill High School will see an increased police presence on campus to close out the week after a student made what authorities call an “inappropriate statement” that put school officials on notice.

Principal Beth Kitsos and Superintendent James F. Scully were alerted to what was deemed a “callous remark” made by a student and immediately escalated the situation to Haverhill Police late Wednesday night. No additional details about the nature of the threat were provided.

“The Haverhill Police department is confident that there is no presence of danger to our students as a result,” Kitsos said in an email obtained by WHAV. “We take all alleged threats concerning the safety and security of our students, staff and campus very seriously, as does the Haverhill Police department.”

Eight additional officers were on patrol at the Monument Street school Thursday in the wake of the alleged threat.

The incident comes as Haverhill High prepares to graduate the class of 2018 Friday at Trinity Stadium. Underclassmen remain on campus until the city’s last day of school on Friday, June 22.