Wood Criticizes ‘Lavish’ Salary for Haverhill’s New Superintendent

Haverhill School Committee members Scott W. Wood Jr. (pictured) and Maura Ryan-Ciardiello voted against a three-year deal for incoming Superintendent Margaret Marotta.

Haverhill’s next superintendent of schools will earn an average of $194,000 a year for the next three years.

Two $4,000 raises are built into Superintendent Margaret Marotta’s contract, with the opportunity for a merit increase of 1 to 4 percent each year based on the School Committee’s review.

The School Committee approved Marotta’s contract, which offers a $190,000 annual salary next year, $194,000 the second year and $198,000 the third year.

Committee members Scott W. Wood Jr. and Maura Ryan-Ciardiello voted against the three-year deal. They cast the lone “no” votes on hiring Marotta, instead backing Assistant Superintendent Jared Fulgoni.

Wood criticized the level of pay that Marotta will achieve in the second and third years of her contract.

“The compensation overall is a little higher than I anticipated due to the fact that she is a first-year superintendent,” Wood said. “In the third year, (Marotta) will receive potentially $10,000 less than Mr. Scully receives right now, and he’s been a superintendent for 20 years.”

Superintendent James F. Scully’s eight-year tenure ends at the end of June.

Committee Vice Chairman Paul A. Magliocchetti defended the level of pay, saying a district like Haverhill has to meet a certain salary level. The position was advertised at a range starting at $190,000.

“We knew she wasn’t going to be happy with the lower end. We could have met in the middle, $194,000 for all three years, but instead we stepped and it averages $194,000 over the three years,” Magliocchetti said.

Wood was not swayed.

“I consider it a little lavish for a first-year superintendent,” he said.

Magliocchetti called the contract fair for both sides.

The pact also includes stipends for training, investment in an annuity, a mobile telephone and a car allowance.

Marotta will be able to carry over three weeks of vacation she earned this year in Salem. Her tenure begins July 1.