Vargas Helps Secure $1.5M for Haverhill Infrastructure

Rep. Andy X. Vargas and other members of the House of Representatives voted Thursday to authorize funds for the improvements of municipal roads and bridges throughout the Commonwealth.

The bill authorizes $200 million in bonds for projects through the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, $1,536,547 of which is slated for projects in Haverhill.

“When I served as a city councilor for Haverhill, I saw the impact that infrastructure funds had on local projects,” said Vargas in a statement. “The funds we approved today will be critical for our roads, bridges, and quality of life in Haverhill.”

Vargas said he fought for infrastructure projects ranging from roads to schools as a city councilor and has used his position as state representative to create an effective line of communication between the state government and local authorities in Haverhill.

The House of Representatives also voted on a supplemental budget that includes investments for family planning services, assistance for hurricane evacuees and Healthy Incentives Program.