Andover Principal Says Investigation Clears Hockey Coaches Accused of Neglect

An independent investigation, looking into whether Andover hockey coaches denied players food and water after losing an away game, has found in favor of coaches.

Andover High School Principal Philip Conrad emailed the news to Andover High School families Tuesday afternoon. He wrote:

“I am writing to inform you that the Andover Public Schools has concluded its independent investigation of the allegations filed with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families against our ice hockey coaching staff. Our investigation found that the allegations were ‘Not Sustained.’”

Conrad said he intends to reinstate the varsity coaches when he confirms the state has reached the same conclusion.

The state began investigating in January after receiving a complaint that hockey coaches, who are not on staff, denied players food after losing an away game. An additional complaint alleges the coaches, including the varsity head coach, forced players into a “punitive conditioning session” without a water break following a separate loss.

“Unfortunately, it does not appear that DCF is going to complete their investigation in accordance with the timeline originally provided to any of us by the agency,” Conrad said.

Andover retained an outside consultant a week ago, saying “An independent investigator will provide an objective, holistic review of this situation, which will aid us greatly as we move forward from this unfortunate situation.”