Police Credit State Grant for Helping to Arrest Men for High-Capacity Gun, Drugs

Haverhill Police are crediting the recent receipt of a state $205,000 Municipal Staffing Grant with helping to arrest two men—one for carrying an illegal gun, fitted with a magazine capable of firing 30 rounds.

Police said they arrested Luis Vazquez, 18, of 20 Peabody St., Salem, N.H., on charges of carrying a firearm without a license, possession of a large capacity feeding device, possession of class A drugs and possession of liquor by a person under the age of 21. The gun was a Tec 9, 9mm Luger. They also arrested Vazquez, Daniel Reyes, 25 of 408 Main St., Haverhill, on charges of possession of class B drugs, using a false name to obstruct justice and two warrants from Lawrence District Court related to possession of class C drugs and inhaling a toxic substance. Detective Lt. Robert P. Pistone said the state grant played a critical role.

“These arrests and the subsequent seizure of a large capacity firearm from an unlicensed individual are proof positive of the great work the men and women of the Haverhill Police Department are able to accomplish while working the Municipal Staffing Grant Proactive Policing initiative in an effort to quell high crime hotspots, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life, and safety for our good citizens in these areas,” he said.

Pistone explained, detectives, working on a shift paid for by the grant, recognized two men in a Winter Street who were wanted for questioning regarding an earlier incident. Pistone would not discuss the earlier call since it is still under investigation.

The state Department of Public Safety and Security grant was announced Jan. 19 by state Rep. Andy Vargas.