Magliocchetti: School Committee President Appointed by Tradition, Not Policy

School Committee members Paul A. Magliocchetti (left) and Scott W. Wood Jr. (File photograph)

No matter who becomes president of the School Committee this Thursday, members appear to agree there is no actual “policy” governing the election as much as there is tradition.

Both current Vice President Scott W. Wood Jr. and member Paul A. Magliocchetti say, despite a tradition dating back to 2008, their colleagues may choose any member as president.

School Committee members voted Jan. 10, 2008 to create the position of vice president and have the new officer assume the presidency the following year. However, Wood concedes, “You can’t force anyone to vote in any particular way on the School Committee.”

Magliocchetti also argues the 2008 vote did not constitute a “policy.” Even if it did, he told WHAV Monday, a revised policy unanimously decided this past October makes no mention of it.

“At the end of the day, the entire School Committee has to work together in the best interests of the children of our city and the taxpayers and we always have to support each other in making decisions on behalf of children and the taxpayers regardless of who gets to be president and vice president.”

The comments come three days after former Committee President Maura L. Ryan-Ciardiello alleged some members were intentionally keeping Wood from being elevated to the role of president.

“Their intentions are not to better serve our children. They are intentionally bullying others by dragging them into their dirty politics and embarrass our VP and the entire Haverhill School Committee,” Ryan-Ciardiello seethed on Facebook, without naming names. Ryan-Ciardiello did not respond to WHAV’s request for comment, though Wood said he would be feel slighted by his peers.

“I certainly take it as a personal attack against me…I would be the first vice president that in turn didn’t become president,” Wood told WHAV.