Have You Heard Mavis?

Mavis Mayes from Haverhill, Suffolk, England, in the Edwin V. Johnson Newsroom at WHAV.

WHAV Historian David Goudsward goes a long way to make sure of the facts.

Earlier this year, while researching the other Haverhills of the world for a WHAV “Haverhill Heritage Series” story, he decided to first find out if residents are even pronouncing the city’s name correctly. He touched base with “Mavis Mayes” of Haverhill, Suffolk, England. As Goudsward describes it, “I met a woman on the internet who turned out to be a fox.” Yes, Mavis is a fox—of the puppet variety, accompanied by a much more tight-lipped woman named “Phyllis,” and makes appearances on the BBC.

Thanks to Goudsward, Mavis made her way to Haverhill, Mass., appearing live in WHAV’s studios. She confirms we are saying “Haverhill” just about right. She calls BBC Suffolk is an “ever so lovely station,” but notes it is not a hometown station. She urges local residents to support WHAV.

On these last days of GiveBig to MyStation—WHAV’s end-of-year fundraising appeal—it is a good time to hear Mavis’ appeal.

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