Haverhill High Student Arrested for Social Media Threat: ‘Fed Up, Shooting Tomorrow’

(WHAV News file photograph.)

A male student at Haverhill High School was arrested Thursday after threatening on social media that a “shooting” would take place.

Methuen Police received a tip from a concerned parent on Thursday, Dec. 14 about the social media posting and it was determined that the threat originated from the geographical area near Haverhill High. Methuen and Haverhill Police worked together to arrest the juvenile who made the threat at his Haverhill home.

The student was held overnight at the Haverhill police station and is due to be arranged in Lawrence District Court on Friday. He is charged with “threat of dangerous items,” according to police spokesman Detective Lieutenant Robert Pistone.

Classes at Haverhill High resumed as scheduled Friday with an added police presence, Superintendent James F. Scully told WHAV.

“Haverhill Police arrested the student and are confident that the person responsible is in custody. There is no threat to the HHS community from this threat,” Scully said.