Carole Bisgrove, Parent Facilitator at Parent Professional Advocacy League

Carole Bisgrove of Byfield passed away at home Dec. 3.

She will be missed by her husband of 46 years, Mark; son Lance and wife Melissa Bisgrove of Haverhill; son, Clint Bisgrove of Byfield, and daughter Laela Bisgrove of Haverhill; siblings; nieces; nephews; and dear friends; aunt, Theresa Sartorio of Weymouth; and step-mother Rita McKenzie, of Hingham.

Bisgrove studied at New England School of Fashion Design, Newbury Street, Boston. She was an accomplished designer and fabric artist. She created the Panel Skirt and a line of tennis clothes that she, along with her husband Mark, sold nationally to many fine tennis shops and to Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Later, she applied her creative sense to the making and marketing of decorative flags for homes and businesses. Carole and Mark pursued this market for 32 years, traveling to craft fairs, operating retail shops in Newburyport and Salisbury, and later selling over the internet. In addition to making flags, Carole was a parent partner with the Haverhill Community Service Agency and later, a parent facilitator at Parent Professional Advocacy League in Lawrence and Haverhill. She was a philanthropist of spirit, giving freely of her time and talents. She nurtured all around her and willingly shared her skills with anyone and everyone.

Bisgrove’s siblings and close friends have many wonderful stories of traveling, visiting museums, and exploring the world with Carole as she lead the way with her child-like wonder and infectious humor. She was also a strong advocate and pursued integrity on all levels. She was incensed by injustice of any kind, in any circumstance. She nurtured her children and those around her with unconditional support and love. Her motto was that you make a plan, and if the plan doesn’t work, you change the plan and keep going. Her passion insured forward progress.

At the request of Carole and her family, services will be private. Donations in her name may be made to the Southern Poverty Law Center (