Buttonwoods Scavenger Hunt Raises $5,000 for Haverhill Museum

Participants stopped by WHAV studios as part of the 2017 Buttonwoods Scavenger Hunt. (WHAV News photographs)

The annual Buttonwoods Scavenger Hunt raised $5,000 for Haverhill’s museum and Historical Society, organizer Peter Carbone told WHAV.

WHAV 97.9 FM served as a location on the Nov. 4 hunt, with teams stopping by our Ward Hill studio to appear as guests on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Oldies Show with DJ Dave Mack.

This year’s winning team, dubbed “If We Only Knew Our Name,” consisted of Kaleigh Pare, Evan Pare, Tim Shaughnessy, Sean Marquis, Brian Twomey, and Jenny Arndt. The six participants took the overall prize after deciphering clues that took them across Haverhill to locations including Hunking School, Steampunk Station and the YWCA.

A closing reception was held for all participants at Haverhill’s Elks Lodge.