Sen. Elizabeth Warren, AG Maura Healey to Campaign for Andy Vargas in Haverhill This Weekend

The election push is on for Andy Vargas. Ahead of Tuesday’s big vote, the democratic candidate to fill the 3rd Essex State Representative spot vacated by Brian S. Dempsey has secured the support of Senator Elizabeth Warren and Attorney General Maura Healey.

Warren will visit Haverhill on Saturday to rally for the city councilor and greet volunteers at Vargas campaign headquarters, 149 Washington St. The senator’s appearance begins at 12 p.m. before the group heads out to knock on doors. AG Healey will support canvassers and phonebankers starting on Sunday at 10:15 a.m.

“Andy Vargas will be an advocate for Massachusetts’ working families on Beacon Hill. As someone who cares deeply about Haverhill, he will bring to the table thoughtful, forward-thinking ideas as the district’s next State Representative,” said Warren. “From improving healthcare affordability, investing in good-paying jobs and working to combat the opioid crisis, Andy will fight every day for his district and I'm glad to endorse him.”

In her endorsement, Healey praised the politician for his initiative and said he’d make an “excellent partner” on Beacon Hill.

“The 3rd Essex District deserves a state representative who will stand up for our shared values, from investing in education, fighting to protect our planet and protecting the rights of everyone. Andy Vargas is committed to serving Haverhill with integrity and enthusiasm and I know he will bring those values to our work at the State House every day,” said Healey.

Vargas faces off against republican candidate Shaun P. Toohey in Tuesday’s special election. Haverhill will also vote for its mayor, City Council and School Committee on Nov. 7.

6 thoughts on “Sen. Elizabeth Warren, AG Maura Healey to Campaign for Andy Vargas in Haverhill This Weekend

  1. Have you ever seen Elizabeth Warren when she wasn’t yelling and pointing her finger at someone? She has wasted her time in the Senate and has accomplished nothing.

  2. I see something of a parallel here with the recent revelations by former DNC Chairman Brazile. That the Democrats deliberately rigged the Presidential Primary against Bernie Sanders by letting Clinton take over and control the DNC and running it like the Mafia is reprehensible. I believe that the Haverhill Democratic Committee together with the State Democratic Committee favored Vargas from the beginning. Unlike Magliocchetti who is a moderate, Vargas is a progressive liberal like all those who have endorsed him. Andy has been dishonest to the extent that he has never revealed who he really is and what he really believes. However, the old adage is true – Show me who your friends are…I believe that Haverhill will come to regret electing Vargas. Do not mistake this as an endorsement of Toohey. Who could possibly endorse him.

  3. A Fake Indian campaigning for a fraud candidate…how appropriate!

    Maura Healey, the top law enforcement officer in the entire State of Massachusetts, endorsing a person who intentionally interfered with Federal Law Enforcement officials doing their job in Haverhill. Massachusetts liberalism in action. Talk about insanity !