Methuen Family Hospitalized With Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Caused by Generator

(File photograph)

A Methuen family of four and their dog are recovering Thursday after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning caused by their generator.

At 2:39 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 2, the Methuen Fire Department responded to 112 West Street for an incident involving a generator running outside the garage. Two children at the home felt sick.

Once firefighters arrived, the carbon monoxide levels were determined to be 600 PPM, a dangerous jump from 9 PPM, the level at which evacuation usually takes place. MFD evacuated the home and disconnected the generator.

Four patients were transported by ambulance to Lawrence General Hospital for treatment. The family dog was taken to a veterinarian for evaluation. All patients are still hospitalized and expected to recover, according to the Methuen Fire Department.

Thursday’s incident was not the only generator-related issue in Methuen. The fire department was also dispatched to 13 Bridgham Street for a shed fire and a carbon monoxide incident at 243 Hampshire Road.

With residents across the Merrimack Valley still without power following Monday’s storm, the Methuen Fire Department issued generator safety tips via Facebook. “Do not cut corners when it comes to safety,” MFD said, warning that one generator produces as much carbon monoxide as hundreds of cars. To stay safe, residents should never use portable generators indoors, always keeping them away from doors, windows and vents.