Frustrated by Pace of Power Restoration, Mayor Gets Crews to Pull All-Nighter

Two of Haverhill’s schools and 6,000 residential and business customers are still waiting for National Grid crews to restore their electricity, Mayor James J. Fiorentini told city councilors Tuesday night.

Fiorentini said the Moody and Bartlett schools are within more than a dozen areas of the city that are plagued by downed trees and power outages following Sunday’s wind and rain storm.

The mayor said he spoke with management at National Grid today to seek additional crews to work on restoring power in the city. Fiorentini said he received assurances that crews would work through the night Tuesday.

Because so many customers are still without electricity, Fiorentini ordered the Citizens Center on Welcome Street to remain open for Haverhill residents who have health or other issues that would be made worse with the lack of power. They include people who need electricity to operate CPAP machines to sleep or for breathing treatments.

Residents who need help getting to the Citizens Center may call the police non-emergency number, 978-373-1212 for a ride to the center.

8 thoughts on “Frustrated by Pace of Power Restoration, Mayor Gets Crews to Pull All-Nighter

  1. That’s interesting Mayor now let’s see if you can plow the streets this winter and get the bubblegum wrapper off the police station that’s been there for three years

  2. Still no power in my neighborhood – about 100 people. All around us the lights are on….but in one small circle of people – nothing – plenty of NGRID trucks parked in Al’s Diner parking lot drinking coffee – doing NOTHING. What a joke.

  3. Exactly Jack!!!
    Come on Tim Coco, what kind of headline is that!!!???
    National Grid was out doing their job already. If anybody thinks Mistah Mayah had anything to do with National Grid and the restoration of power, it’s time to wake up out of the fairy tale dream. I’m sure he called but like everybody else he was given lip service. Ha, wonder how he liked it?!?

  4. What’s with the headline? It’s totally inaccurate!

    The crews were already working through the night. The mayor talking to someone at National Grid had nothing to do with that decision.

    • Per the Mayor’s post on Oct 30th.

      “National Grid tells us they will work until about 8 PM tonight but cannot work in the dark because of safety issues. They tell us they will be back on the job first thing tomorrow morning”

      So unless you want to provide even a shred of evidence to the contrary, I think YOU are totally inaccurate.