Katrina Hobbs Everett Receives Trio of Endorsements for School Committee Bid

As she prepares for her first appearance on the Haverhill School Committee ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 7, Katrina Hobbs-Everett has won a trio of endorsements from City Councilors Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien, Michael S. McGonagle and Thomas J. Sullivan.

“She’s got what Haverhill needs. She’s a woman with vision and is methodical in her thinking. She has a lot of panache,” said Daly O’Brien, who likened Hobbs-Everett’s social services background to Daly O’Brien’s own as a nurse. “We don’t just see numbers: We see the people behind the numbers,” the city councilor said. “She’s going to bring a new voice and a new vision and we can always benefit from someone else coming to the party.”

McGonagle asks city voters to give Hobbs Everett a chance to prove her worth on the School Committee. “She’s committed – she’s showed that through all the work she’s done – and she’s worth your vote,” McGonagle told voters in a campaign endorsement video.

A Haverhill native and the co-founder and CEO of Power of Self Education (POSE), Hobbs Everett has children who will work their way through the city school system. As Sullivan sees it, Hobbs Everett’s perspective as a parent may work to her advantage.

“I’m happy to support Katrina Hobbs Everett,” said Sullivan. “She’s committed, smart, dedicated, compassionate, and most importantly, has four children who will go through the Haverhill Public Schools system.”

Hobbs Everett is running on a platform that puts special education, family engagement and the accountability of city government at the forefront. She’ll appear on the ballot with incumbents Maura L. Ryan-Ciardiello and Paul A. Magliocchetti and newcomers Richard Smyth and Rich Rosa.

Haverhill will also hold its municipal election for mayor and City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 7.


12 thoughts on “Katrina Hobbs Everett Receives Trio of Endorsements for School Committee Bid

  1. maura is without a doubt the best member on the school committee. a mother with three children in Haverhill schools, a former Haverhill school teacher, a masters degree in education and is not afraid to speak out when it is not in the best interest of the children.the other opinion’s against her are from school committeeman sven amerian and his wife. they want to pack the school committee so they can have enough votes to give sven amerian’s company a solar contract with a super commission for himself. vote for maura and stop this game.

  2. There really should have been an active campaign to oust Maura Ryan-Ciardielo. She has absolutely nothing to contribute apart from giving her vote to Toohey and Wood.

    • I’ve emailed over 200 HHS alums insisting that they vote, and vote for anyone but Maura. Teachers at HHS soon heard about it and those who live in Haverhill are determined to oust her. She certainly could go down.

      In 2015, at the HDCC breakfast, Bill Ryan got 5% of the vote, and Shaun Toohey got 9%. People at the time thought, “No big deal, these are just Democratic insiders, Ryan and Toohey will get the necessary votes from Republicans and independents.” WRONG! Bill got 11th for city council and Shaun got 4th in the school board race. Both lost their seats. And this was before the entire solar debacle!

      In 2017, at the same breakfast, Maura got 4% of the vote. No other candidate got less than 40%. Maura is *very* vulnerable this cycle. She’s got some signs, but by Ryan clan standards, really that not many. Bill’s blue pickup has been hauling a lot more Toohey for State Rep signs this year.

      So if you don’t like one of the challengers for school committee, fine. Just vote for the other 3 candidates not named Maura!

  3. I read the Letter to the Editor and it prompted me to comment on endorsements. The author apparently did not see that supporting Andy on the basis of public safety is contrary to his history. So he supported more police for Haverhill, who doesn’t? This does not cancel out his irresponsible Facebook post. I found the letter more entertainment than factual. I do not agree that voters are stupid. Many are blinded by political ideology. I am fearful that Haverhill voters truly accept the liberal progressive agenda and that is where Vargas gets his support.

  4. Endorsements of candidates are usually so silly as to be laughable. Andy Vargas has been called “wise beyond his years”. It has also been said that he has been “given the gift of wisdom”. Clearly, the definition of wisdom has deteriorated to the degree that an inexperienced, unaccomplished 24 year old is deemed wise. There are no 24 year old wise persons. Mary Ellen Daly-O’Brien says that Katrina Hobbs-Everett has “panache”. I would prefer that she had substance rather than style. McGonagle says she is worth my vote. He offers no reason other than his pompous opinion. Sullivan thinks it matters that Katrina has 4 children. When did that become a qualification? I am concerned that Katrina used the term “progressive”. I want to know what she means by that.

    • Fred, the support of Vargas is driven by two things…people too dumb to understand the outright danger Andy poses to the city fiscally and socially….and those motivated by blind political liberal ideology.

      Need proof? Check out the letter to the editor today in The Eagle Tribune by a woman who claims to have worked in “intelligence” community. This woman is promoting Vargas based on his positions on public safety of all things. Apparently she doesn’t know that Andy intentionally and knowingly committed “obstruction of justice” when he interfered with Federal law enforcement officials doing their job in Haverhill and in the process put lives in danger. This woman either doesn’t know Andy supports open borders for illegals to flood into this country, or she agrees with his position. Either way, the invaders that have flooded into Haverhill is VERY dangerous to public safety as we’re experiencing on a daily basis. Maybe someone should tell this woman Andy went into hiding like he always does when a Hispanic girl his own age was raped in a city park by two criminal invaders. When Andy hides to protect criminals illegally in this country instead of promoting public safety, especially for those he claims are his core constituents…Hispanics and millennials…then you know exactly where he stands on the issue.

      Andy getting elected is a nightmare scenario for public safety in Haverhill. It’s impossible to simultaneously support criminal invaders being allowed to enter and stay in this country, while at the same time saying you’re and advocate of ensuring public safety. These are two mutually exclusive public policy positions.

      • Gee Jack, you sure do spend a lot of time hating on Andy.

        Is Shawn so afraid that he’s going to lose that he has to send dubes like you out, ad-nausium, to push the lies about Andy? Really, Jack! is he THAT afraid?

        The poop you spew about him (Andy) is just nothing but made up silliness; you sound like a child. Do you, Maura, Scott and Bill sit around Shawn’s kitchen table thinking up this Cr*p to tell to Haverhill Citizens. Some are willing to tolerate The Child in the White House. Do we have to put up with it on the local level, too.

        What should we (the citizens) think about politicians who are willing TO LIE to us in order to advance their ‘political careers***’.

        What, Jack? What should we think?

        (***political careers = shortcut to a state funded retirement payout at 65 yrs. What a deal!)

  5. This woman (I really tried to like her) has the worst political instinct and the most Bland personality of anyone I’ve ever met running for office. I don’t know what Tom Sullivan is talking about and I hate to insult someone’s intelligence because she may be very bright but she comes off as dumb as a rock in person.

  6. Katrina Hobbs-Everett is a race based candidate…that is indisputable.

    I would have been impressed with Katrina if she had called out Andy Vargas when he disappeared during the Silver Hill Charter School charter renewal process. Andy said nothing about the Haverhill Teacher’s Union erroneously using Hispanic students as a pawn in their negotiations. As a board member at the school, you would have thought Andy would have stepped up and publicly stated the truth….but he didn’t for the sake of politics…that is, getting support from the teacher’s union.

    Katrina is a smart woman…she knew what Andy was doing. Yet she kept her mouth shut too while Haverhill Hispanic students at SH were being manipulated. If she claims she didn’t know what Andy was up to, well, her not being aware what was going on is even worse.

    I’d be interested to know what people who support her think of her inaction. To me, that should be a disqualifier for her holding office.

    • Jack, the School Committee in 2018 will consist of at most 2 members you like and at least 4 members you don’t. And if Haverhill doesn’t overlook Maura’s vast array of disqualifications this time around, that ratio will be 1:5. Cheers!

      • John, it’s my impression that Jack thinks that everyone in town is a bunch to ‘stoops’ who will believe any fabricated story he and his handlers make up.

        But then this is whats been going on for years on the school committee. Stupid little political games, back stabbing other members, fabricating little story’s using twisted (Trumpian) ‘truth’, and putting in the minimum about of time and effort so as to collect the State Retirement credit they get to bank.

        I’ve watched it for years and it always comes from the same sources (one has moved to CC).

        You’d hope that the citizens would come to their senses and purge them from office…perhaps with the solar panel screw up (thanks Shawn; thanks Maura…how much was it,10 million?)…a screw up that rivals the Hale Hospital mess…that citizen will come to understand we need serious people in local government and not people who think they are King and Queen of this years High School Prom.