Toohey Receives Nod of Approval from State Police Association

Republican Shaun P. Toohey, candidate for the vacant 3rd Essex state representative seat, last week received the endorsement of the State Police Association of Massachusetts.

The State Police Association of Massachusetts includes uniformed members of the State Police, representing more than 2,000 men and women who are regular full-time employees in the titles of State Police trooper, trooper first class and sergeant.

“Based on your experience as a member of the Haverhill School Committee, involvement with the local community and your stated commitment to public safety, our membership wholeheartedly believes the Commonwealth will be best served by your election as State Representative,” said Dana Pullman, president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts.

As part of its mission, the association also works to “preserve and foster good-will with all people in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, mitigate the hazards of State Police work, and improve public service.”

Toohey said he is “honored and humbled to be endorsed by the State Police Association of Massachusetts."

“As I have said throughout this campaign, I am absolutely committed to improving public safety in Haverhill and across Massachusetts. As a state representative, I will always have the back of law enforcement as they work tirelessly to keep our streets safe. In particular, I will work with state and local leaders to fight the epidemic of opioid abuse, and I will oppose any efforts to make Haverhill a sanctuary city or to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state.”

2 thoughts on “Toohey Receives Nod of Approval from State Police Association

  1. I have a friend who lives in Haverhill who is a state trooper. He tells me that law enforcement officials at every level are very well aware of what Andy Vargas is all about. They all know he is a supporter of criminal trespassers living illegally in the country. He has explained to me in detail that when Andy posted on his Facebook page last February to warn illegal invaders that Federal Law Enforcement officials were in the city trying to take drug dealers off the street, he did significant harm to public safety in the city. It wasn’t just Andy’s childish, immature actions that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials took note of, it was that not one elected public official in the city, or anyone in a leadership position from the Haverhill Police Department contacted them to denounce in any way Andy’s actions. Think about the meaning of that for a second. It pretty much sent a signal confirming Haverhill is officially a sanctuary city. They do understand however, that Chief DeNaro is instructed by the mayor on what, and what not to say and do. State Troopers pay close attention to politics in every city. If you’ve ever talked to anyone any high level law enforcement agency….state troopers, the FBI, ICE, etc….they’ll tell you those agencies are VERY political places to not only work, but how they operate.

    What this means is that there is absolutely no way ICE or State Troopers will respond positively to requests from Haverhill politicians who obstructed their mission. And why would they? They know that not responding to issues in a any city potentially harm citizens in a community, but they’re not any different than anyone else….their thinking is to let those people suffer the consequence of their own actions….meaning live with it because of who they voted into office. This is especially pronounced in Haverhill because an elected public official intentional went out of his way to interfere with what they were doing. This state is so full of communities with problems that their time can easily be spent somewhere else.

    So what does this mean to Haverhill? It means that if Andy gets elected citizens are sending a strong message to Federal Officials and State Troopers that they support politicians who ideologically are opposed to what these two groups do for a living. It tells these two groups they support a politician who is willing to break the law himself by committing “obstruction of justice” by literally interfering with the work that they do. It tells these two groups that citizens in that community are AGAINST public safety.

    • Jack Jack Jack your just a hateful one-trick Pony.

      You’re allegedly having a discussion with your state trooper friend, allegedly, does not constitute fact. It is hearsay and you like Mister Toohey , ( or should I say Bill Ryan’s b**** boy ?)
      are a discredited hypocrite.