Whittier Tech, NECC Expand Dual Enrollment Partnership

Whittier Tech and Northern Essex Community College Monday announced plans to expand a partnership that allows students the opportunity to obtain college credit while still in high school.

To bolster Whittier’s existing early college pathway program, which offers online AP courses through Apex Learning, NECC will soon invite students to take on-campus courses.

Forty-four juniors and seniors are currently enrolled in English Composition 1, taught by an NECC instructor who visits Whittier each week. In the spring, those students will be invited to enroll in English Composition 2. Also next year, students will be invited to take an on-site math course at NECC following their lunch period.

NECC also intends to offer three evening courses for math and biology students as part of the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Partnership. The three credit courses are free with the exception of books and course materials.

“What’s unique about the early college pathway is that students are taking actual college courses, both on- and off-campus and receiving credit for the work they complete,” Patricia Lowell, Whittier’s Director of Pupil Personnel Services, said. “Northern Essex Community College is now recognizing this work and offering students a jump start in earning credits toward a post-secondary degree, which improves their preparation and marketability for the workforce."