Macek: Lights, Police Checks Can Catch Trouble Early in Wood School Area

In the wake of the reconstruction of South Main Street in Bradford, some neighborhoods that were once quiet and traffic-free are experiencing an increase of both noise and activity.

City Councilor William J. Macek (pictured) said “something less than ideal might be starting to develop” in the Wood School neighborhood, especially South New and South Spring streets and the school yard, itself

Macek said a neighbor has asked for help, hoping to nip any potential trouble in the bud.

“We should take note at an early stage,” Macek said, calling for additional lighting to illuminate the school building and parking area, as well as police patrols to drive through more frequently.

Councilor Michael S. McGonagle, who sits on the council’s Public Safety subcommittee, said the Haverhill police have personnel on staff who are experts in lighting for public safety, and can study the area to determine the best placement.

Councilors voted to ask the police to take immediate action.

7 thoughts on “Macek: Lights, Police Checks Can Catch Trouble Early in Wood School Area

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if police were patrolling the entire city. As I’ve said in the past, the taxpayers who own their homes are neglected when it comes to city services.
    If your home is in the inner city, you see plenty of police, dpw etc..
    As a taxpayer in the city you are actually punished.
    Private schools for my children, little police services, inadequate snow removal, and the list goes on. However I do get trash removal and recycling pick up. Don’t worry the new building going on downtown is thriving in the renaissance district which is now known as the low rent district.. can’t wait to see a fire pit in the harbor place patio that is now in front of the parking deck.

    • Danny…GREAT points!!

      A spokesperson for the Merrimack Valley Project, a far left wing liberal organization who advocates and promotes illegal criminals being allowed to stay in this country, has said that 15% of all Haverhill students are children of parents illegally in the country. That represents 1,100 students. With a cost of $13,000 to educate each Haverhill student, that means Haverhill taxpayers are paying $14,300,000.00 EVERY year to educate those children. One class of kids from grades 1 ~ 12 will cost taxpayers $185,900,000.00 !!! $186MILLION and they aren’t even citizens of this country!!

      How much less do you think your taxes would be, or how much better would the city services be if that money was spent on the people actually paying the bills !!

  2. “Macek said a neighbor has asked for help, hoping to nip any potential trouble in the bud.”

    Nip it in the bud? John, Is that a joke? Thanks to the mayor rolling out the welcome mat criminal trespassers illegally in the country have already taken over the city. Isn’t it funny that Macek identifies this as a problem now that the crime and societal affects are creeping into Bradford?

    What do the people of Bradford think about the far left wing liberal democrat, illegal criminal invader advocate, nominated to try and represent the city in the State Legislature? How is possible anyone can support Andy Vargas after he intentionally obstructed FEDERAL GOVERNMENT drug enforcement officials working to take the drug dealers off the streets of Haverhill?

    Last night the sanctuary city of Lawrence put the entire city on curfew because of of multiple shootings. Lawrence has had young girls literally snatched off the streets while walking to school and raped all day by an illegal invader. It’s had a young man beheaded through the rituals imposed by invader gang related indoctrination. Amazingly, Lawrence averages one armed robbery EVERY day. Yet as we watch what is going on just 7 miles away Democrats in Haverhill have elected a candidate to represent the city in State government who not only endorses the same sanctuary city policies as Lawrence, he actively works to interfere with government officials in Haverhill by doing what he can to warn and protect CRIMINAL invaders in the city illegally. Yet, 1,700 Haverhill voters decided this is the person they trust to eliminate crime and advocate for increased public safety in Haverhill. It’s literally insane.

    In Haverhill we’ve had a young woman dragged into the woods at a city park and raped by two criminal trespassers in the country illegally….multiple city businesses have been robbed at gun point…. police and SWAT teams have been shot at in broad daylight by an invader held up in a highly populated invader neighborhood….drive by shootings….gang shootings at Little League games and so much crime and drug busts of invaders seeking safe haven in Haverhill it’s too numerous count.

    Why are Democrats ignoring all of this? Why are Democrats ignoring that Andy’s main constituency is the very people who pose the greatest threat to public safety in the city? What is it going to take for Democrats to wake up to the fact Andy’s public policy positions, when it comes to allowing these criminals to stay in the country/city, is a tremendous public safety threat to everyone?

    • Haverhill is CERTAINLY evolving into a second LAWRENCE! That’s what happens when we have illegals moving into Haverhill. Don’t we have enough problems?

      Why are people so anxious to pay their hard earned dollars to support illegals (food stamps, housing, medical care, our schools are a MESS, the list goes on and on) along with all of the problems they bring with them? Don’t we have enough issues of our own — without welcoming illegals?

      • You will be happy to know that an illegal (using an imposter I.D.) from Rainbow drive was recently deported. The Feds know they cannot trust agents of the government & politicians in MA, so now they are simply coming in and doing their job quietly.

        • DB…Thanks for sharing that information.

          If the Feds know politicians in Haverhill aren’t to be trusted with enforcing the rule of law, shouldn’t the people who live in the city and pay for the negative affects of their being here be more aware of that fact?

          I’ve been providing information on this comment forum for months now about Andy Vargas’s sympathetic stance on illegal invaders being in the city in the hope that people will release the negative affects it has on the quality of life of everyone in the city.
          -His grandmother broke the laws of this country by entering it illegally from the Dominican Republic so his mother could be born here.
          -His father broke the laws of this country by entering it illegally from the Dominican Republic and worked in Haverhill factories taking jobs from American citizens.
          -He refuses to answer questions from reporters at The Eagle Tribune and The Valley Patriot if he supports Haverhill officially becoming a sanctuary city.
          -He said nothing as Latino women his own age are raped in city parks by two criminal invaders.
          -He said nothing while the Haverhill Teacher’s Union used Latino students at Silver Hill Charter School as a pawn to promote their own self-interest.
          -He said nothing while illegals bring drugs into the country whipping out a generation of his peers.
          -Amazingly, he broke the law by intentionally obstructing Federal Government officials working in Haverhill to take drug dealers off city streets. Andy chose protecting the interests of criminal invaders above Haverhill citizens.

          While knowing all of this about Andy…about him and his family’s mult-generational history of not only breaking the laws of this country themselves, but aiding and abetting others that do the same thing, 1,700 people in the city believe he is qualified to have the responsibility of making laws in this state. It’s a sad reflection of what people value.