School Committee Candidate Forum Reignites Solar Panel Debate

School Committee candidates Maura L. Ryan-Ciardiello, Katrina Hobbs-Everett, Paul A. Magliocchetti, Richard Smyth and Rich Rosa. (WHAV News photograph.)

The solar panel debate among Haverhill School Committee members raged on Monday night at a pre-election candidate forum at Haverhill High. In the wake of then-President Maura L. Ryan-Ciardiello joining Scott W. Wood Jr. and Shaun P. Toohey in vetoing planned panel installations at city schools, she was forced to defend her actions to members of the community.

“I’m sorry: Many of you may or may not agree with me, but I don’t see putting a price tag on our children,” a fired-up Ryan-Ciardiello told her fellow panelists and attendees.

Last year, the three school committee members killed planned solar installations at both Haverhill High School and Tilton School, citing varying reasons from the weight of the panels to concern over enriching fellow School Committeeman Sven A. Amirian, who works in the industry. Amirian did not take part in the vote.

As Ryan-Ciardiello said Monday, her intentions to ensure safety fell on deaf ears.

“I requested a third-party independent structural engineering company to come out and check Tilton School. That never happened. You were all told that it did happen. I don’t know how anyone could vote ‘Yes’ on something knowing that the buildings were never checked to see if the building could support it. I support solar 100 percent—if it were safe.”

Though not directly mentioned by name at Monday’s candidate forum, Toohey also took heat for his actions. Magliocchetti, for one, wasn’t afraid to mince words aimed at the candidate seeking a House seat.

“I proudly voted ‘Yes’ for the solar project and I believe everyone that voted against it, whether they’re running for School Committee or state office, should be held accountable for their ‘No’ vote. It’s inexcusable to throw away $10 million in the city of Haverhill with the budget issues we face, in particular the budget issues created by the Hale (Hospital) debt.”

Echoed ballot newcomer Rich Rosa: “Whether you believe the building could have supported it or not, we’re a city of 60,000 people: We could have figured out how to put solar panels on a roof and not have it collapse. We squandered that opportunity.”

WHAV, that broadcast the event live, will have more from the candidate forum later this week on air and on

42 thoughts on “School Committee Candidate Forum Reignites Solar Panel Debate

  1. paul magliocchetti made a fool of himself at the hhs candidates forum. he is a nasty bully. if anyone should be booted out of office it is him. he has attacked andy vargas & shaun toohey along with members of the city council and school committee. paul, there is no else to attack. get ready to be booted out of public office.

    • Say what you will about Magliochetti, but he is 100% correct about squandering away that money. What does it seem, if not with our schools, but other services too, that Haverhill is always behind the 8 ball and crying about monies. Those solar panels should have been installed.

      • “Those solar panels should have been installed.”

        No! Elizabeth, not so fast on the solar panels.

        There were dirty tricks, political maneuvering, grade school antics and, perhaps, a few palms that needed to be crossed before the solar panels get the Official go-ahead.

        Now, unfortunately, we all need to wait patiently while the ‘Toohey screwed up the solar panels FUROR’ settles down, so one of the Great Haverhill Cabal (Toohey, Wood, and ‘Whats her name’ can come riding in to save the day!

    • Maybe, but I think their intentions were far more nefarious. I was at that meeting the night it was debated. Sven wasn’t even in the room, he had to wait outside. Then, out of the blue, Toohey attacked some contractor with a criminal history that did work for the company. A complete distraction. The company wasn’t criminal, just a contractor they hired.

    • Yea, well, for Sycophant Jack of Haverhill to support the Shawn-Scott-Maura cabal is no surprise.

      Shawn, Maura (Shawn’s sister-in-law) and Scott Wood (Shawn’s drinking buddy) are three of the biggest political hacks in the City of Haverhill. (They learned from one of the best)

      If you what to “drain the swamp” in this city start by sending Shawn and Maura packing this election cycle. And in a couple of years boot Little Scottie out of his fanny along with them.

      Haverhill deserves better….

      • Hate to break it to you, Maura and Scott wont lose. You havent been able to get rid of them in years and you never will. Have you ever seen Shawn and Scott out drinking? Didnt think so…

        • Actually, Jack, I have heard reports of just that….just that, indeed

          Correct me if I’m wrong (not you Jack…to you I’m always wrong), I have heard Shawn and Scott actually car-pooled together to work at one point. This of course before Shawn went into the complicated and heady business of hi-tech floor coverings….you know linoleum.

          • Reports? Lol. So where were they drinking? Where you drinking with them? Are they even dating? Get a life Jay

          • Jay,

            Instead of talking Shawn on the computer, is your pair big enough to run your mouth to his face? Man to man?

      • Toohey can’t wipe his bum without consulting Bill Ryan. I can’t vote for someone who is not their own person. How can you represent a city of 61,000 people if you can’t even stick up for yourself? Sean Toohey is a whipped man and a pitiful laptop.

        • “Toohey can’t wipe his bum without consulting Bill Ryan. ”

          And Maura can’t wipe her bum without consulting BOTH Shawn and Bill.

          Which makes her double trouble…

    • To Jack, everyone is a criminal.

      Except of course for Shawn, Scott, Maura, Bill, Joe, Donald (and perhaps Vladimir, but can’t be sure just yet on that one). They’re all on the up ‘n up … paragons of virtue, truly (wink, wink).

  2. Fred

    Solar is already outdated. It was a fad. New energy sources are proving better. Do you believe safety and an elected official in Mr.Amirian making 250k for his role as an elected official is right?

    • “Solar is already outdated.”

      So right you are, Jack!…solar is an outdated fad…!

      Coal, Jack…. that’s where the future lies…COAL!. Nice dirty, expensive, carcinogenic, dangerous to mine, impossible to transport, inefficient to burn… COAL ..yea…that’s the answer.

      I’m starting a new company that installs coal bins in the basements of Haverhill homes…can I sign you up for one?.

  3. Katrina Hobbs-Everett has come a long way. I watched this last night and she presented well, she also pointed out where education starts: In the home. No amount of money can fix that. Instead of writing in my dog again, I’m tempted to give her a shot.

    • DB,
      Hobbs-Everett’s comments last night conflict greatly with her past history of promoting school policy initiatives based on subjective race based criteria. I’m assuming you are aware she’s an advocate of the disruptive, self-serving race based advocacy group The Haverhill Hispanic Coalition. The last thing Haverhill public schools need is a group promoting special treatment for a certain group of students based on imaginary, fabricated claims of victimization.

      • I’m aware, which is why I said what I did. MAYBE it will open some dialogue? Right now everything is deadlocked, nothing gets done, good, bad, I don’t know. But this city is in desperate need of new blood, not the decades-old cronies we have now.

      • “,,,self-serving race based advocacy group The Haverhill Hispanic Coalition.”

        A common theme in Jacks posts.

        Jack seems to have a little issue with the color Brown. (Black, too, Jack? How are you with Yellow? Does Irish Red, or Italian Tan pass your smell test? I’ll bet they do…)

        How, Jack, do you suppose all these undeserving, ungrateful, dirty little people found a way into ‘your’ country.

        The horror of it all!

    • Fred…Maura has it right!

      Mayor Failurentini said there was an structural analysis of Tilton School, but there never was one. And then he had the nerve to threaten her during a public school committee meeting to vote for the project, or he’ll ruin her politically.

      You don’t actually believe the mayor, do you Fred?

    • I’m not an expert, Fred, but I think if “most of the time they forget to bring the brain”, wouldn’t they have to have a brain to forget to bring, in the first place .

      Or is that just picking at nits.