Haverhill Democrats to Host Unity Rally to Support State Rep Candidate Vargas

Haverhill state Rep. Andy X. Vargas. (Courtesy photograph.)

Ahead of Nov. 7’s special election to fill the seat formerly held by Rep. Brian S. Dempsey, Haverhill’s Democratic City Committee is standing behind its candidate. The political organization will hold a unity rally on Sunday, Oct. 22, at 4:30 p.m., to celebrate Andy Vargas and his supporters. Held at the Barking Dog Ale House on Washington Street, the event is free and open to the public.

Massachusetts Speaker of the House of Representatives Robert DeLeo, Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini and Democratic state party chairman Gus Bickford are scheduled to attend, along with Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives and Reps. Linda Dean Campbell and Diana Dizoglio.

First elected to the City Council in 2015 at age 22, Vargas beat out Haverhill School Committee member Paul A. Magliocchetti in the Oct. 10 primary election. The November municipal election will see Republican challenger Shaun P. Toohey on the ballot opposite Vargas.

20 thoughts on “Haverhill Democrats to Host Unity Rally to Support State Rep Candidate Vargas

  1. I watched the School Committee Forum and was astonished at how inarticulate Maura is. When you have no position of your own, you agree with what everyone else said. Maura could not even do that. She probably completed two incoherent sentences during the forum. I don’t recall that she ever voted independently of her brother-in-law Shaun Toohey and Scott Wood who frequently fantasizes that he is Perry Mason.

    • Well, Jack you could be right…but you have to admit that’s why the City of Haverhill never grows into anything other than the Back-Ass-Ward Nail Salon Capitol of the East that it is today.

      Political half-whit hacks, from a failing, former shell of itself Political Dynasty, who just can’t recognize that it’s time is over.

      But then, on the other, picking up a few more years of ‘state retirement’ for a super-part-time SC ‘job’ and then finding the elusive ‘highest three years’ of salary (State Rep, you say! Hmmm! Yea, State Rep will do it!) for the ‘ol retirement years really is the goal… you know that’s, right, Jack, don’t you?

  2. Andy Vargas and the Truth About “Deporting Violent Felons”
    This is the title of another great article at The Valley Patriot newspaper. You can read it online.

    More truth about the OUTRIGHT LIES coming from Vargas.

    • “another great article at The Valley Patriot newspaper.”

      From Merriam Webster:


      plural oxymora \ˌäk-si-ˈmȯr-ə, -sē-\

      :a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness); broadly :something (such as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements

      • Jay…
        You’re all about name calling, racist accusations and silly comments…typical liberal.
        Do you ever comment on specific public policy issues? Do you even know what I mean by that?

        • Ya, I know…. Its OK when you do it, but you’re indignant (I’m horrified! How dare he!) when you get any of it back.

          Besides, I’m just trying to emulate the speech of Dear Leader and The New Republican Party.

          One has to at least try to keep up with the ‘new normal’, would you not agree Jack?

  3. Has everyone read The Valley Patriot editorial “Vargas Put Lives At Risk” ?

    Maybe one of these democrats can explain why Vargas lied about his warning criminal invaders in the city when Federal drug enforcement officials were in the city doing their job. When asked about it by The Valley Patriot and The Eagle Tribune Andy refuses to discuss the issue. Can anyone explain that?

    It’s hard to believe there is anyone who would vote for this lying, immature fraud.

    • The Valley Patriot is a rag. It’s owner a two bit, snake oil salesman eeking out a living peddaling his late father’s, shall we say questionable , legacy.

      You can do better Jack. Sure, your silly and ignorant but, not always stupid.

      • When Jack isn’t reading the Parrot Ledger, he’s watching Fox News or listening to Limbaugh or Jones.

        In a declining America, guys like Jack, are the tip of the spear .

        …or if you prefer, the first part of the ‘log’ as it swirls down the tooter.

        But not to worry, in the end he will just blame it on Obama.

      • Silk….Someone with the name “worm” judging someone else…Hmmmm.

        How about commenting specifically about “Vargas Put Lives At Risk”…you did read it, didn’t you?

        • Well, at least I don’t attack Gold Star Families and war heroes who suffered unspeakable atrocities Vietnam.

          You a “heal spur” vet yourself Jack?

      • It is one of the only remaining true “free press” publications in the region. You’re not far off base about Tom “eeking” out a living, because he sure as heck doesn’t do it for the money. The writers of course are not one-Party sycophants like other publications, and come from all walks of life and all sides of the political spectrum. Tom may be a former Tea Party guy, but he gives an audience to everyone, and it is reflected in his publication.

        I would be amiss to not mention the tens-of-thousands of dollars raised for high school scholarships (especially for Lawrence) and Veteran services every year. That doesn’t include the unrelenting volunteer hours and free publicity Tom has put in with other causes & agencies in The Merrimack Valley. He is also largely responsible, with Rep. Dianna DiZoglio’s assistance to bring Massachusetts open records laws, at the time the worst in the nation, out of the cellar.

        I’ve read many stories about his father, but he was in fact murdered in the line of duty. I won’t speak for Tom, but I’d bet there isn’t a day that goes by he wishes his dad was still around. Does it make him partial to cops? Of course, but his advocacy with police, fire, and especially Veterans groups is unrivaled in the area given his position and meager fiscal resources.

        Disclosure: I occasionally contribute to The Valley Patriot.

        • Duncan, I don’t know much about Tom, other than that he leans very far to the Right. His articles reflect that. But on the other hand…and to be fair…I have found he is not adverse to letting the ‘other’ side get a word in now and then…just a you suggested. (I too, have heard that he is generous with his community sprite.)

          As much as I have disparaged his paper in a few recent posts, I do so mostly out of the astonishment (and with a giggle, I admit) that people like Jack from Haverhill cherry-pick from these right leaning sources all the hate, insidiousness, disgust, bitterness, contempt, resentment and scorn they can possible muster…all of it directed at anything that is Not A Republican nor an American to a self-declared sufficient degree (ie who are brown and who habla espanol)

          I mentioned earlier that I thought the Patriot Ledger was good for bird cages and puppy training. Well, truth be told it is…but then so isn’t any newspaper made of inexpensive, low grade paper called newsprint.

          • Jay, I mention the fact filled articles from The Valley Patriot because sadly, the truth about Vargas isn’t being reported here. If it was I would have no reason to mention TVP.

            If we learned anything about Hillary running for president it’s that democrats are fearful of the truth. Vargas is proof of that. As long as Tom and TVP keep publishing FACTS about Vargas that aren’t reported here I’m going to continue to share them so people are as educated and informed as possible about the fraud.

    • Want a change in the schools? Get a new school committee.

      Start by getting rid of Maura. She’s had her shot.

      Enough of the Ryan Dynasty, already. Between Toohey, Maura and Little Woody it just a political cess pool.

      We have a ‘Good Brain’ who knows all ‘The Best Words’ in the White House.

      More of that on the SC is not a help.