No Injuries in Lafayette Square Gunfire Saturday Night

(File photograph)

There were no injuries reported late Saturday night when a man reportedly fired a pistol into the air after a fight broke out in Lafayette Square.

Haverhill Police said an unidentified man fired one or more shots into the air and then fled with others in both a Ford Explorer and Honda Civic at about 10:45 p.m., Saturday night. The scene took place in the parking lot of CVS Pharmacy, 150 Lafayette Square.

“Upon arrival, Haverhill officers encountered a large group who stated they ‘just got jumped,’ and someone fired shots,” said Detective Lt. Robert P. Pistone, police spokesman.

An investigation suggested two women met at CVS to fight after an unknown dispute.

“During the fight between the two females,” police said, “other females and males joined into the fight, and at one point a male party pulled out a pistol and fired it into the air.”

Haverhill Police asks anyone with information call 978 373 1212 and leave an anonymous tip.

2 thoughts on “No Injuries in Lafayette Square Gunfire Saturday Night

    • Yep. Vargas will hand the city over to criminal elements and slum-lords. Every time an event like this takes place thank Mayor Low-rent-tini for not backing our police department. He and city council are bad enough. Wait till Vargas gets in. What a mess.