Vargas: We’re Not all that Different

Haverhill state Rep. Andy X. Vargas. (Courtesy photograph.)

By Andy Vargas
Candidate for State Representative

Andy Vargas is a Haverhill city councilor and a candidate for the Democratic nomination for state representative in the Third Essex District.

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Since his early 20s, Chairman Brian Dempsey has delivered for the city of Haverhill. With hard work, grace and the ability to develop fruitful relationships, Haverhill has made tremendous strides under the chairman’s leadership. The person who succeeds Brian Dempsey will have to be a team player focused on representing Haverhill full time at the State House. Our next Representative will need the drive to work hard, the integrity to stay above toxic politics and a steady hand to guide Haverhill to a more prosperous future.

For the past couple of months, we’ve listened to voters from each corner of the city. We’ve heard about the need for economic opportunity, access to quality healthcare, improved public safety and, perhaps most notably, better schools. Through these conversations, what we’ve come to confirm is that despite all of the hostile rhetoric in today’s politics — we’re not all that different. We all want what is best for our families. However, Haverhill residents also care about their neighbors. The spirit of our residents is perhaps best embodied by the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We’ve also heard that people are tired of divisiveness when there is so much at stake. I’m proud of the campaign we’ve run, no matter the outcome.

In this campaign, we’ve laid out our values and vision for Haverhill. We believe in a Haverhill that empowers and cuts red tape for small businesses and early stage entrepreneurs. We know that the best way to grow our economy is from the ground up. We believe that a Haverhill resident’s hard work deserves an honest day’s wage. We stand firm with the notion that your ability to beat cancer or an opioid addiction shouldn’t be determined by your income — and that healthcare should be accessible to all. Our vision holds true to American values that reject fear and embrace hard work, opportunity, equality and justice. We will be steadfast in our support for all of our first responders. Most importantly, we know that good schools are the foundation of the economy, safety, and health of a community.

We’ve built this vision first by listening. However, deciding on a candidate involves not only choosing a cohesive vision for the future, but looking at work ethic and track records as well.

On the City Council, we’ve made progress through teamwork and bipartisanship. We insisted on more police officers and successfully added 5 more by not rubber-stamping budgets. We invested in economic development, partnered with universities, and fought for greater transparency of taxpayer dollars.  We productively worked with Mayor Fiorentini to lower tax bills.  Nothing radical; everything focused on what’s needed. This is the kind of work that awaits on Beacon Hill: partnering with colleagues to tackle issues facing everyday Haverhill residents. We don’t always agree on every issue, but I’m proud to have the endorsements of the majority of the Haverhill City Council. I’m also proud of my previous experiences on Beacon Hill, which have earned our campaign the endorsements of the new House Ways and Means Chairman and a coalition of 7 other Reps. and Senators. We’re ready to hit the ground running for Haverhill.

We have an opportunity to send a message in this election. Ultimately, this election is bigger than the candidates ourselves. The results will have repercussions for years to come. In tomorrow’s election, we have the opportunity to show Haverhill officials, residents, and future candidates that our city is an inclusive community of hardworking and accepting people. We have the opportunity to define what it means to be from Haverhill.

Tomorrow, Tuesday October 10th — I humbly ask for your vote.

4 thoughts on “Vargas: We’re Not all that Different

  1. Sorry Andy, I like you and you’re smart but one difference is that Paul Magliocchetti has done more for this city than most. Eight years of showing up for grueling school committee meetings and being a bridge for both sides get my vote!

  2. Vargas. Joke. Race baiting alarmist who uses fear mongering and divisive politics. Just keep this do-nothing away from social media. His itchy Twitter finger almost caused harm to good people. This joke may win traveling the lowest possible road in political campaigning. Hey Vargas, how about doing your job as city Councilor? #anyonebutandy

    • This is utter malarkey. Please provide one example of how Mr. Vargas and his team engaged in such campaigning?

      It’s funny how I never see supporters of Mr. Vargas impugn Mr. Magliocchetti both online and in person.

      Projecting much Gil?

  3. The police were gifted over $1M from from Elmo – the schools received over $1M from Ernie while you and your colleagues rubber stamped budgets, lost the fight for greater transparency of taxpayer dollars and please explain TONIGHT how you, working with Mayor Fiorentini, lowered our tax bills. That statement alone leads me to believe you’ve spent way too much time outside Haverhill’s city limits!