On Election Eve, Newspaper Comment Brings Rebuke from Magliocchetti

Haverhill School Committee member Paul A. Magliocchetti. (Courtesy photograph.)

School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti. (Courtesy photograph.)

For the second time during the battle to win the Democratic nomination for state representative, comments in an out-of-town newspaper are adding to tensions. This time, a day before the primary election.

The anonymous comments purportedly from a supporter of City Councilor Andy Vargas brought a rebuke from School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti. While Vargas said neither he nor his campaign are behind the comment, Magliocchetti took issue with the words, “we need to fight against Haverhill nativists.”

“The use of divisive rhetoric has been a cornerstone of Andy Vargas’ campaign,” Magliocchetti said in a statement. “This clearly states where Andy’s priorities lie, and that is not with our city. This is not the kind of representation Haverhill needs or deserves.”

Vargas responded, “No I did not write that anonymous sound off, nor would anyone from my team.”

Both candidates said they are proud to be Haverhill natives. Vargas told WHAV, “I am and always have been a proud Haverhill native. I look forward to representing the people of Haverhill as a full-time state representative.” Similarly, Magliocchetti wrote, “I am proud to be a Haverhill native and, frankly, I thought Andy was proud to be a Haverhill native too.”

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines nativist as “a policy of favoring native inhabitants as opposed to immigrants.”

Back in August, Vargas criticized Magliocchetti’s reported statements in another out-of-town newspaper.


27 thoughts on “On Election Eve, Newspaper Comment Brings Rebuke from Magliocchetti

  1. How does one view a politician? Trust and truth definitely on average are not words people associate with any of them. What I see as a serious problem… Candidates who are running for election who will do anything they can in which to get themselves out there to the public, even going as far as to break laws… Parking vehicles with their election signs on or around them ON PRIVATE PROPERTY without asking permission. Two candidates who have been doing this are.. Magliocchetti and McGonagle. Also Magliocchetti parking his election vehicle w signage in a 2 HOUR MAXIMUM Parking space owned by the City of Haverhill. It stayed parked in the 2 HR Maximum space ALL NIGHT & ALL DAY LONG (weekday), but NEVER paid for it. Where were the so called meter maids? Go ahead people, keep voting for those who you feel are trust worthy, that will do right by you. Clout does NOT entitle you to special treatment regardless of how well known you are. If it were an average citizen doing this, they would be fined heavily, etc. When is enough, enough? When is the election for Mayor due to transpire?

  2. I appreciate the Webster’s dictionary/history lesson that was provided by Google, I’m sorry Demet Hakserver. Paul Magliocchetti needs not make any apologies to anyone least of all Andy Vargas.
    Things get taken out of context and tensions run high at the end of a campaign. I can understand this. That said I’ll use my intelligence and look at both parties track record, experience, and what they bring to the table for the city. For me that’s Paul Magliocchetti. Clearly he cares for his hometown and is passionate about the citizens that live here, combined with the fact that I agree with his platform and vision he has for Haverhill it makes for an easy decision for my family to vote for Paul Magliocchetti on Tuesday October 10th.

  3. This is a repost of my views included in the guest column because I was told by many friends they were unable to find the column:
    Paul Magliocchetti’s statement accusing his opponent of “divisiveness” based on the word “nativist” used in a newspaper post by someone else is very disturbing, especially coming from a candidate running from the Democratic Party for the state representative seat.

    First of all, Paul Magliocchetti should allow Andy Vargas to speak for himself. But more importantly, Magliocchetti’s statement shows a misconception of the word “nativist” and lack of knowledge of American history regarding the origins of the word “nativism”.

    The term nativist refers to someone who favors ‘native inhabitants” against “immigrants’ and currently this term refers to “anti-immigrant” attitude. In other words, the “nativism’ is the very definition of “divisiveness”, not the other way around as suggested by Paul. The use of the term “nativist” originated with mid-19th century anti-immigrant movements in the United States directed against Catholic immigration from countries such as Germany and Ireland and continued as an anti-Chinese nativism in 1870’s. Later, nativist movements targeted immigrants from southeastern Europeans, Italians, as well as Jewish and Mexican immigrants. In fact, the term ‘nativism” encompasses racist movements such as KKK and neo-Nazis. In the same way, Donald Trump’s and Bannon’s policies are defined as “nativism’ by many political historians.

    If Paul Magliocchetti is not embracing those divisive, anti-immigrant and anti-American policies, he should immediately retract his statement and apologize to Andy Vargas and his supporters.

    • Are there any other progressive Democratic Party talking points you want to add here? You all sound exactly the same. Outside of insular Massachusetts, you and your Party’s ideology was repudiated in a way not seen in 122 years. You still don’t understand why Trump was elected, or why Republicans obliterated Democrats across the country. Keep it up though, I’m sure your false narrative will sway voters back.

      For the record, I didn’t vote for Trump, and for the first time in my voting history, I didn’t vote for a single Republican in any race in 2016. Given how they look as bad as status quo crony establishment Democrats, I’m glad I didn’t.

  4. I know it can’t just be me, but it seems like Magliocchetti is playing an act from the Trump playbook by stoking divisions. If I had to wager, I’d bet Magliocchetti wrote the piece himself as a means to continue to attack Vargas and paint him as something other than what he actually is, a proud Haverhill resident who does have the best interests of the city at heart versus Magliocchetti who seems only interested in himself and his image. I’ll be voting for Andy tomorrow.

  5. Andy Vargas regularly refers to the fact that, like himself, Brian Dempsey was young when he was elected State Representative in 1991. Andy also refers to Brian Dempsey as a giant. I am reminded of the 1988 Vice Presidential Debate at which Candidate Dan Quale likened himself to Jack Kennedy. Quale’s opponent Senator Lloyd Bentsen quickly countered “…Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy”. The parallel is clear.
    Andy, you’re no Brian Dempsey.

    • That’s funny – it’s been Paul running around talking about 5am wake ups with Brian and being classmates and working in offices next to each other, etc. — Paul, we know Brian Dempsey- you’re no Brian Dempsey.

    • John Smith

      What part of “no dog in this race” don’t you understand?

      I am sorry that you are upset that someone doesn’t like the negative campaigning that your candidate is engaged in. Maybe you should step away from the keyboard for the rest of the day and get some fresh air. It would be good for you.

  6. Andy will divide Haverhill on race. Andy is a Willy lantigua ally. Does Haverhill need that? Does Haverhill want a man who doesn’t believe in following laws? A man who lied about interning for Brian Dempsey. What WHAV failed to report, almost 90% of Andy money raised came from outside Haverhill. A lot of New York, Miami etc. This kid doesn’t care about Haverhill he Is using this as a platform is all.

    • “Andy will divide Haverhill on race. Andy is a Willy lantigua ally. ” this has absolutely no basis in fact your comment Langitua. You are seriously mistaken.

      you are using this statement you have heard … it is another example of the hate-mongering going on.

      How on earth do you make the statement there is “Miami” money in this? I am aware of DFER “Dark Money”. and that is the kind of money that supported charter schools last year; I spoke with Mr. Magliocchetti and told him why I could not support the charter schools and gave him all my reasons. One of them was the “dark money” …. but Paul wanted me to believe that charter schools have superior curriculum (as he seemed to claim in comments in the WHAV) and how Paul believes that “charter schools” will save our kids and I was trying to inform him of the dangers of the charter schools because they are re-segregating our schools. When I have a difference in policy I try to show the reasons — and not attack with ad hominem arguments.

  7. Really? This guy will spin anything. Either he didn’t pay attention in his English class or he deliberately ignored definitions and the English language in order to try and smear Vargas, again.

    It’s not that hard:

    Natives = people from a particular place.

    Nativists = people who believe in nativism — xenophobia against immigrants or anyone not “native.” Catholics, Irish, Italians, Chinese immigrants have all be victims of nativists.

  8. In just over 50 words you have presented four “ad hominem” attacks and no substance. Attacks on the person rather than on the issues are the lowest and weakest. You question Magliocchetti’s comprehension of English, you assume that he is attempting to malign his opponent, you question his ability as an attorney. Finally, you hurl the epithet “smarmy.” Clearly your point is not to give reasons to vote for Vargas.

    • Do tell me how any of what I said was an ad hominem attack? I addressed the fact that he clearly couldn’t differentiate the difference between two words, which plays into my comment about language comprehension.

      Considering he says he is an attorney, I am pretty darn sure that he knows the difference between nativist and native. This leads me and any resonable person to conclude that this is nothing more than a cheap political attack and an attempt gin up #FakeNews, which is VERY smarmy.

      I had no dog in this race, but I am now reconsidering. I loathe ugly campaigning like this. It has no place in Haverhill.

      • If you loathe ugly campaigning I imagine you must be pretty sickened by Vargas and crew and their attempt to insert race, class warfare and divisive identity politics at every turn. On this board and others, they hurl the race card whenever presented with unquestionable facts or when pressed to show us ONE THING, ANYTHING Vargas has accomplished. If he wins, get used to hearing that ridiculous Obama impersonation he uses as a replacement for actually having an identity of his own. When there is zero substance, no accomplishments, and an unimpressive resume, a kid who is posturing to become a career politician has no choice but to take the cheap shots. #anybodybutandy

  9. Vargas and his supporters push divisive identity politics wherever and whenever possible. Often in the most heavy handed and transparent way. Class warfare, race… whatever it takes to win. I find it cheap and distasteful. If he wins, he will do so by traveling the lowest roads of dirty politics. He is impulsive, inexperienced and unable to point to any accomplishments that would qualify him for this very important job. His ICE stunt was evidence of his lack of judgement and casual disregard for law enforcement. He is an empty shirt and an unimpressive candidate. What has he ever done??? #anyonebutandy

    • The fact that Magliocchetti is not capable of differentiating the words ‘native’ and ‘nativist’ shows either his lack of even the most basic comprehension of the English language or this is a desperate attempt to malign his opponent. And this guy says he is an attorney? Very disturbing and very smarmy.

      Definitely NOT getting my vote and the others in my home.

      • Phyllis…so what are you going to do instead….vote for the Andy who is the unabashed race based candidate? You going to vote for Andy who publicly stated he is proud that his father broke the laws of this country by coming here illegally from the Dominican Republic to take jobs from Americans? You going to vote for Andy who refuses to answer reporters questions when asked if he supports making Haverhill and official sanctuary city? You going to vote for Andy after he put lives of Haverhill residents at risk by warning illegals that the Federal gov’t was in the city trying to get drug dealers off the street? Is this the candidate you support?

        • To support nativism is to favor natives over immigrants. I want to remind everyone that we are a nation of immigrants. Most immigrants are not criminals; they are on the road to citizenship like everyone else whose family came to America. That includes everyone except the Native Americans who lived here before Europeans showed up. It is dangerous and unAmerican to assume immigrants are criminals. ICE arrested 20 last week on Massachusetts who had no criminal record. If you want to align yourself with those who opposed Irish immigrants, Chinese workers, and so many other groups, that is your right, but I believe we are great country precisely because we are a nation of immigrants that has drawn on the strengths of the world.

      • Andy put out the bait. And apparently you and other easily triggered, low information voters are eating it up. I won’t vote for Andy. My vote is with the candidate that supports law enforcement and respects the rule of law. I certainly would Not vote for someone who can’t even have a social media account without causing a panic. That mishap is glaring evidence of this race-baiters inability to make sound and rational choices. He sits on a do-nothing city council that hasn’t even come close to cleaning up the crime, drug addiction and filth that pollutes the streets of Haverhill. Needles on the sidewalks. Real nice job. He needs to race-bait because he has no resume. #anyonebutandy

        • Well said Gil. The council is useless and,like the Mayor, focuses on minor issues and nuances like bump outs and rail trails and trees. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” – Todo uncovered the fraud and knew something was up. Here, the mayor is a bully and threatens people to do his bidding.

    • Gil, your comments are so well stated.

      Have you noticed the past few weeks Andy has been stating he will be a “full time candidate” on Beacon Hill? Someone working in a real job in a professional capacity doesn’t just get up and leave as Acorn Andy is apparently going to do at his job if he wins.

      The answer to your question of what has he ever done is simple….nothing!