Magliocchetti: Everyone Has Opportunity to Succeed in Haverhill

Haverhill School Committee member Paul A. Magliocchetti. (Courtesy photograph.)

By Paul A. Magliocchetti
Democratic Candidate for State Representative

Paul A. Magliocchetti is a Haverhill School Committee member and a candidate for the Democratic nomination for state representative in the Third Essex District.

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As a lifelong resident of Haverhill, and one of five generations to call Haverhill home, I know that our community is great but that there is vast untapped potential.

Haverhill is a city in which I believe everyone can and should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of race, gender or background.  I believe that as a united community, we can work together for the best interests of our children, neighbors and local business.

For years, Chairman Dempsey has represented us in an extraordinary manner. As your new Representative, I will continue his good work. I will focus on healthcare, local economic development, education and public safety. As your State Representative, I will be your voice on Beacon Hill for the reduction of class size, early childhood education and providing support for our teachers and families to address mental health and the opioid epidemic. Haverhill already has many great non-profit services available to address social issues and the challenges they present.  As your Representative, I will fight for a one-stop centralized resource center right here in our own city.

I believe that the Haverhill business community already has a significant, but untapped base in advanced manufacturing, technology and what is about to become a thriving downtown.  Moreover, we have world class educational opportunities, such as Haverhill High School, Whittier Voc-Tech, Northern Essex Community College, UMass Lowell, and soon a culinary school.  As your Representative, I will work with my colleagues to expand these opportunities and to find new ones for our students and businesses, all the better to deal with the economic issues of a border city.

None of this matter unless we address healthcare and public safety. I will work with my colleagues and our federal delegation to reform healthcare making it accessible and affordable.  To assist in the safety or our city, I will be a strong voice for our first responders so that they have adequate staffing and training to deal with safety concerns, most notably the opioid crisis and rising gang violence.

These are not easy issues to solve, but we must address them for the future for our city and our families.   Our city needs to elect someone to this position that has the experience, passion and leadership to be a powerful unifying voice on Beacon Hill – someone who is willing to build coalitions that will help pass legislation to strengthen our community.

As the owner of a small machine shop, and currently as the managing partner of one of the largest firms in the city I have created local jobs and hired Haverhill residents.  I served as an officer and director on the Boards of local nonprofits, and I have risen to the role of chairman of the Board of Directors of the Haverhill Chamber, serving local businesses and Bethany Communities, serving local seniors.

I have also had the honor of serving eight years on the School Committee, almost 20 years as a youth soccer coach, baseball coach, and hockey coach, serving Haverhill’s children and families.

Haverhill has been my home for my entire life, and I am committed to you and our city.  Everyday, I deal with real issues involving real people.  I have been directly responsible for resolving legal issues that impact people’s lives and that affect the prosperity of Haverhill businesses.  I know what it takes to bring people together and solve complex issues.

As your state representative, I will use all this experience, the depth of knowledge from my years of work and my leadership skills as an employer, school committeeman and board chairman to hit the ground running, build coalitions, and get the resources that Haverhill needs to move forward and continue onto a brighter future.

For our city; For our families; for a future where everyone benefits and thrives, I respectfully ask for your vote  for State Representative on the October 10th Democratic Primary.

One thought on “Magliocchetti: Everyone Has Opportunity to Succeed in Haverhill

  1. Get out and VOTE! I don’t care who you vote for provided they have done more than Paul Magliocchetti for Haverhill as a member of the school committee these last 8 years.