Council to Hear Plan for 16 Townhouse Condos for Vacant Orchard St. Lot

Haverhill City Hall. (WHAV News file photograph.)

The owners of three parcels at 0, 25 and 35 Orchard St. hope to win a special permit allowing 16 townhouse condominiums to be built on the land.

Click image for Haverhill City Council agenda.

Planning and Economic Development Director William Pillsbury said the construction will improve the neighborhood by replacing a vacant field frequented by homeless and used as a dumping ground with four, four-unit buildings.

City Council will hear the request during its meeting Tuesday, beginning at 7 p.m. in the Theodore A. Pelosi Jr. City Council Chambers on the second floor of Haverhill City Hall (pictured). The meeting is open to the public.

According to an application for the permit, Richard P. Early Sr., trustee of D&D Realty; Aida Khalil; and Carl Khalil have an agreement to sell the lots to developer Christopher B. Cronin of CBC Realty Investments, who would build the homes.

Orchard Street is located between Duncan and Welcome streets. It runs parallel to Winter Street and connects to Winter via Locke, Locust and Emerson streets.

“The proposed project represents a significant investment in an area of the city that will be greatly benefited by it,” Pillsbury said.

The city Planning Board has approved the project and sent a conditional recommendation to City Council, with several stipulations addressing concerns by the Water and Fire departments and City Engineer John H. Pettis.

Fire Deputy Eric M. Tarpy requested that the building plans submitted to the city show how snow removal between the buildings will be handled.

The Wastewater division requires that the lot’s catch basins be removed and the project tie in to the city’s infrastructure for wastewater removal.

Pettis said the developer should commit to replacing the sidewalk along the full frontage of the parcel, upgrading it to cement with granite curbing.


5 thoughts on “Council to Hear Plan for 16 Townhouse Condos for Vacant Orchard St. Lot

  1. Why do they need special permits? How many units are technically allowed per square footage or on this particular lot? Why do we make so many exceptions that clearly don’t benefit the city as a whole? The city needs to put a halt on construction of new units until they can sort out overcrowed, underfunded schools in our city.

  2. More housing = more kids = more demand on schools = more costs = higher taxes.

    A typical home in Haverhill generates approximately $3,000 in property taxes annually. One student costs taxpayers $12,000 every year. Every time a home is built that has a child which will attend a Haverhill public school it costs taxpayers $9,000/year. A home with 2 students = $21,000 EVERY year. One home with two kids will cost taxpayers $252,000 by the time they graduate. That’s JUST ONE home.
    If this complex has one child/unit it will cost taxpayers $144,000/year…and $1.7MILLION after 12 years.
    Two kids = $288,000/yr…$3.4MILLION after 12 years.

    But liberal democrats think this math is completely acceptable….especially the incompetent mayor, soon to be Congressional candidate, Jimmy Taxes. Retirees, single people, and couples with no kids get stuck paying for all this. Are there any of you out there who still vote for the Democrats who promote this insanity?

    • Unfortunately Jack – there are MILLIONS who will still vote for these clowns. Many of the electorate refuse to do the math – or, choose to ignore it, or label people who do the math “haters”.

      All people worry about now is who is winning American Idol, and working to make sure everyone has their own bathroom.

      • COB….you’re absolutely right!!!!!
        And that’s why I can’t think of a better term to describe these people then: Brain dead liberals.
        Because otherwise, who in their right mind could support their agenda?