Vargas Sierra Club Endorsement Cites HHS Solar Project

City Councilor Andy Vargas’ lobbying for solar panels on the roof of Haverhill High School helped him receive endorsement from the political arm of the state chapter of the Sierra Club.

The Massachusetts chapter of the Sierra Club Wednesday endorsed Haverhill City Councilor Andy Vargas in his bid for the Democratic nomination for state representative.

The environmental group said Vargas advocated for sustainability while a member of the Haverhill City Council, shown demonstrated commitment to protecting the environment and leadership on climate change. During the debate on the Haverhill High School solar project, Vargas was a “fierce advocate” for solar and rallied eight of nine councilors to sign a letter asking the School Committee to reconsider its vote against the project, a statement said.

“The Massachusetts Sierra Club is proud to endorse Andy Vargas, a climate leader and environmental champion, for state representative,” read a statement from Massachusetts Sierra Club Political Committee Chair William Humphrey. “Vargas understands that the harms of climate change are already here now and that the impacts fall most on those least responsible and least able to afford it. He won’t wait to act,” Humphrey added.

Despite the support of most of his council colleagues, School Committee members Scott W. Wood Jr.; Shaun P. Toohey, a Republican candidate for the Third Essex District seat; and Maura Ryan-Ciardiello refused to reconsider their votes against the high school solar project. School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti, another Democratic candidate for state representative, also supported the solar project. A statement said failure to build the project cost the city $10 million in savings—$7 million in energy costs and $3 million in a new roof at the High School.


4 thoughts on “Vargas Sierra Club Endorsement Cites HHS Solar Project

  1. Another endorsement from outside the city of Haverhill; another outside attempt to influence our election and choose our State Representative. Does anyone else realize that eventually Andy will have to pay for the endorsements of Boston politicians? Their interest is not in Haverhill but in adding another liberal to their number. Andy is foolish to think that campaign money from outside our city will not have to be repaid in the future. He is foolish not to realize that many of us
    see what is going on here. Who will Andy represent, Haverhill or his Boston endorsers? Nothing talks more loudly than money.

  2. Are they going to put solar panels on Trumps wall. Just think all the fuel they save because they wouldn’t have to fly them back to they country too it’s a win win for all. Plus they can get rid of ICE too.

  3. I wonder if Andy is going to get the endorsement of young Spanish girls his own age who get raped by criminal invaders living in the city illegally?

    When you read that comment Andy, in your liberal ideological clogged mind I wonder if you’re going to realize how meaningless all the endorsements are that you’re running around getting.

  4. Wow, is Vargas running for President or what ? Next up will be the AFL-CIO, Emily’s list, George Soros, and maybe even Obama. You people had better vote for this guy or else !