Congresswoman Niki Tsongas Appearing in Haverhill This Weekend for 11th Annual River Day

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas is set to stop by Haverhill’s River Ruckus festivities this Saturday, Sept. 23 to meet with members of the Team Haverhill organization and discuss the revitalization of the Merrimack River.

Tsongas’ visit is part of her 11th annual “River Day,” which celebrates the rivers that connect the Third Congressional District.

Merrimack River Creative Commons photo

The politician, who recently announced she will not seek re-election when her term expires next year, will also visit Andover’s Shawsheen River at 10 a.m. before making her way to Haverhill at 12 p.m. A stop by the Bill Ashe Visitor Facility in Devens, Mass., will follow at 2 p.m. to conclude her day.

“Our rivers have served us well for centuries, playing an important role throughout our region’s history. They powered the mills of the industrial revolution, have helped sustain our health by providing clean drinking water, created tremendous recreational and economic opportunities, and brought natural beauty to our daily life,” Congresswoman Tsongas said in a statement. “I host River Day each year because it highlights this great contribution, as well as the extraordinary efforts of local organizations and individuals who have dedicated themselves to preserving our natural treasures.”

Members of the community wishing to greet Tsongas are asked to gather behind The Tap Restaurant at 100 Washington St., Haverhill.

6 thoughts on “Congresswoman Niki Tsongas Appearing in Haverhill This Weekend for 11th Annual River Day

    • Not nice Duncan.

      However , I’m old enough to remember when Mayor Lou Burton- travelling in a canoe – to the dedication of the First Landing Park on Water Street fell out of the canoe into the river.

      It was in front of a Gazzette photographer so his dip in the drink was chronicled by several pictures on the front page.

      • Why would I be nice to someone that has repeatedly voted against not just my interest and my family, but The American People in general?

        In the case of Democrats like her, they still don’t get it, nor do they care why they just suffered a Historic 122-year loss across the country. They are liars and hypocrites, and in Niki’s’ case, one of her first major votes was BAILOUTS, only to be followed up by Congressional immunity to insider trading (political intelligence access) and then lie about it. Then again, people don’t care about how she voted, or how she missed over 90% of her Committee meetings, they only care about The Party and whether the lies are believable by her base.

        I should have added: “…and maybe do this country a favor and drown.”

        • To confirm the insanity of the looney liberals that will be in attendance, watch what happens when Niki shows up. First, she’ll be escorted to the event in a chauffeur driven limousine…millionaires be damned! Once there, all the nutjob liberals will waiting and clambering over each other to get face time with Her Highness. Failurentini, all the whackjob liberal city councilors, heck, Dean Campbell will even make an appearance….the liberal moonbats be falling over each other to get a photo opp with her. The elbowing during the fighting for a place directly behind Siki when she’s at the podium will be fierce. Acorn Andy and Maggie will fight it out to see who can get the better picture to use in their campaign ads…as if even being seen with such liberal congressional Massachusetts royalty bestows an undying loyalty to the party. And then poof! Before you know it she’ll be whisked away and off she’ll go to see all the other liberal zombies in other parts of the state just waiting to kiss the ring.