Haverhill, State Police Arrest Four in Connection with ‘Severe’ Stabbing

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Three men and a woman, all of Haverhill, were arrested late Tuesday afternoon on attempted murder, kidnapping and other charges related to the severe stabbing of a man earlier this month.

Around 5:30 p.m., Haverhill Police with help from Massachusetts State Police arrested Demetrius Tragiou, 36, of 47 Forest Acres Drive; Lisa Lavoie, 39, of Forest Acres Drive; David Plourde, 34, of 33 Webster St.; and Donald Plourde, 35, of 50 Franklin St., said Detective Lt. Robert P. Pistone, police spokesman.

Police did not immediately disclose any information about the man who was stabbed, his current condition or when and where the assault took place.

Tragiou was charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, conspiracy, assault and battery and making threats; Lavoie with conspiracy and kidnapping; and David and Donald Plourde with conspiracy, attempted murder and assault and battery. State Police units involved included Special Tactical Operations and Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section.

“The men and women of the Haverhill Police Department and Mass. State Police did an outstanding job of putting this case together, and apprehending these dangerous individuals,” Pistone said in a statement.

Tragiou, Lavoie and Donald Plourde were arrested at their homes, while David Plourde was arrested on Chadwick Street in Haverhill. All four were picked up on court warrants, booked at the Haverhill Police Station and held without bail. They are scheduled to be arraigned in Newburyport District Court Wednesday, Pistone said.

2 thoughts on “Haverhill, State Police Arrest Four in Connection with ‘Severe’ Stabbing

  1. Why are police not releasing information on when and where the stabbing occurred? The answer cannot be that it would hamper an on-going investigation. Presumably, any of the perps would know exactly when and where they attacked the victim.